The Importance of Credibility in Reiki

What exactly is Credibility in Reiki?

These are the ethical guidelines that make a practitioner trustworthy.
Many Reiki practitioners make tall claims. In reality, their knowledge and practices leave much to be desired. They often have only one aim- to accumulate wealth, for which they start dubious business practices.

The internet is full of offers for cheap fly-by-night online content, often along with certifications to make it appear professional!

However, certificates are not a measure of the genuineness of their offers since there are no set standards or governing bodies for Reiki education.

Frankly, even a First degree (beginners level) done under the right practitioner is better than doing a Reiki master’s course under someone who is an unseen entity on the internet. After all, it doesn’t take much effort to make online content and sell without ever doing Reikii even once! Any glib content writer can do that!

Reiki certificates are therefore essentially meaningless.

The lack of information about who is teaching you Reiki is a challenge for those new to Reiki, as also for practitioners who are genuine and wish to establish their credibility.

Meeting the challenge of Credibility in Reiki

If you want to learn Reiki, what should you look for?
Similarly, if you are a Reiki practitioner, how do you communicate, in order to establish your credibility so that these students feel safe to follow you?

Gauge the Credibility Quotient

Are you learning from a YouTube video?
Are you subscribing to packaged content from various websites?
Or are you reading a book that promises you the moon?

Is your interaction limited to filling up credit card information that gives you access to not only Reiki master level class but also hundreds of dollars worth of seemingly free content that you will never read?

Just stop and think. Is this the way you wish to learn Reiki?

It is essential to communicate with your
prospective Reiki professional

Learning just the first level from a practitioner who you can see, and interact with is any day better than accumulating content and learning from canned content from someone interested in only generating profit.

Therefore, first, gather full information and evaluate before you subscribe to any course, whether online or in person.

Remember, each level of training, and attunement must be given separately, with adequate time for you to practice and become proficient before embarking on the next level.

If someone is offering to make you Reiki master in 3 to 4 hours session, especially by recorded videos, you are your best judge about the intent.
Often this is the first sign that smacks of Credibility in Reiki. Stay away from such offers.

Becoming a Reiki master is a serious commitment and should be taught only to those serious enough to follow the commitment of regular practice.

You will also come across many Reiki masters who don’t even practice themselves.
A qualified Reiki master & student relationship is meant to be lifelong and the master must provide continuing support.
Remember, if someone is charging you, they should have the commensurate training and experience to back it up. A person who is churning out a new video daily is almost certainly not practicing and is only having an eye on passive income profits.

Do not fall into the traps of online marketing. Keep looking and find a situation that you are are comfortable with.

Ensuring Credibility in Reiki

If you are interested in learning Reiki find someone who motivates you and practices regularly so that you get the insights and right support. A practitioner who doesn’t practice Reiki regularly is certainly not the right choice as far as Credibility in Reiki is concerned. Before you undertake this path, ensure that they meet professional standards. If you find your teacher’s intent and approach are not sincere enough at any level, do not hesitate to go on to someone else.

Similarly, a master should not teach everyone and anyone beyond the first level unless they meet the requirement of sincere, regular practice and attitude to help others. A true Reiki master comes to know within the first level training how far the pupil will go.

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