Ethics in Reiki and Its Importance

What is the Importance of Ethics in Reiki?

Importance of Ethics in Reiki Following the basic code of ethics plays a great role in obtaining good results in Reiki . This holds true for all medical practices- be it allopathy,  homeopathy,  naturopathy or any other system.

Many misguided and greedy people, however, start indulging in malpractices in energy healing with the sole motive of making a monetary profit.

Why are Ethics so Important?

Energy is universal and is never-ending. Therefore, energy healers have a task of using this pure form of freely available and abundant source in healing purposes and uplifting the quality of life of those who approach them.

The sense of purpose is therefore very important.

Energy healers are not supposed to make monetary profit disproportional to their effort.  This is in contradiction to the very set of ethics that are expected out of them.

What are these Ethics in Reiki?

While doing energy healing, there is a certain set of guiding principles that we should follow.

  1. Do Not Harm Anyone – Energy healing is only used for the greater good for the universe. Hence it is logical to conclude that it is not to be used to harm anyone in the guise of helping someone else. Do not take up any such project,
  2. Do not interfere with Life Paths – Reiki and other forms of energy healings are supposed to bring only what is invited. You are Not supposed to give any healing energy to uninitiated persons are those who do not ask for it. Every person has a life path that will dictate to him or her as to what they need and will automatically approach you at a suitable time when the time is ripe in the universal clock of destiny
  3. A Firm Belief System– only when you have the faith in yourself can the mind, body and the soul responds positively and move in the direction as desired. Unflinching faith can only come by regular practice and goodwill on part of the healer.
  4. Following the Right Path – before anyone becomes a healer, it is important to change the lifestyle from that of consumption to a more giving one. Thus, one is expected to follow the principal of Yamas and Niyamas. Many so-called healers or masters do not even know what these principles are, leave alone following them!

Reiki is pure energy. It is divine and freely available. There is no governing body, no control, no method of checking anyone’s authentication of the claims.

Hence many people see an opportunity in this and declare themselves as masters by obtaining certifications from equally dubious persons and websites. They then start charging exorbitant amount from people and justifying it!

Many people thus obviously get disillusioned by the results they achieve. They stop having faith in energy healing,  and are often seen venting out, brandishing it as fake.

Following these Ethics in Reiki thus assumes a greater significance. Remember, it is not the energy healing method that is fake but it is the wrongly selected teacher the master or the grand master who is fake.

It is therefore very important to select a Reiki Master after a lot of deliberation.    

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  1. I fully agree with u. I met or talked a few n find not master in reiki but master in making money..Healer should have cifidence in hinself then the recievers.The intention of healers work more effectivly then reciever as he is already sick. I gone through paid with no benefit in return.

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