What Makes A True Reiki Master?

What Makes A True Reiki Master?

Seeking a True Reiki Master or a guru is very important when you seek the divine energies of Reiki, the source that binds the entire universe. The word ‘Guru’ is often given to someone who is revered, a counselor an inspirational source, and helps in your spiritual evolution.  Sometimes we tend to confuse between the terms Guru and a teacher.

Strictly speaking, a Reiki master or the Reiki Guru is not a teacher!

Unlike a person who comes to a class to impart knowledge based upon books, a Guru is someone you come to when you’ve reached a dead end of your quest and are seeking enlightenment.

What does a True Reiki Master do?

A True Reiki Master does not “teach” and yet you “learn”. The learning is not imposed upon you, yet you “know.” He simply “opens the doors” to your learning. You are not provided any new belief systems or information.

By his mere presence, A True Reiki Master opens your realms of spirituality and guides you to explore the depths of your soul and recognize who you are and what separates you from what you wish to be.

A true Reiki Guru is like a mirror and takes you to a spiritual place where you can realize that the light within you is the same as the light reflected by them. There are no compulsions of beliefs and no conflicts in knowledge.

A true Reiki Guru merely serves as a beacon, finding the path is totally up to you. He appears miraculously into your life when you are ready for them and guides you in learning things that you seek the most- and they go away without attachment from those who do not have full faith and fail to grasp the enlightenment.

How Will I know when I Find a True Reiki Master?

When you find the right Reiki Guru, you will know, because the bond is spiritual and divine and hence remains forever. His/her presence is easily felt when you come in touch with them. She/he is free of bias and favoritism and works for the highest good. There are traits like humbleness and positivity that you will notice.

A True Reiki Master does not let anyone go empty-handed. Most importantly he/she will expect you to approach them first as Reiki is based upon the principle of non-interference in Karmic cycles.

About the Author: Dr.Prakash

Dr.Prakash is a Reiki Grandmaster, Energy Healer, and Trainer based at Pune, India. He is dedicated to spreading the word about using energy healing and assist people in leading richer, more fulfilling lives.

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