What is Reiki and Where to learn Reiki?

What is Reiki and Where to learn Reiki

What is Reiki? Are you curious about Reiki? Excellent! Here is the basic information to get started on this unique journey. It will give you all the answers about what is Reiki and Where to learn Reiki.

What is Reiki and Where to learn Reiki? Contrary to what people believe, Reiki is NOT a just healing method. It is at best a meditative practice that brings many good results in all spheres of your life. Healing and good health are just some of them! Reiki can get you the best results if you are looking for improvement in your physical, emotional, psychosomatic or relationship issues.

What is Reiki and Where to learn Reiki

What is Reiki?

Pronounced as “ray-key,” Reiki is a short Japanese syllable that means “universal energy.”
You can practice Reiki both in-person, or in absentia. While in-person. the practitioner moves his/her hands along your body, in absentia, he/she uses the intent via distance.
Reiki brings many positive results that range from relaxation stress-relief, personal bonding, etc. It also promotes healing.

How Did Reiki Originate?

Although Reiki is as old as the universe itself, its present modality was developed by Mikao Usui in Japan during the early 1900s.

The Deeper Meaning of Reiki

The word “Rei” relates to the universal intelligence of creation, suggesting that it originates from the Divine creator.
Similarly, the word “Ki” refers to the omnipresent energy that is present in everything and binds the universe. Not only that, but it also gives life-force or “prana” to all life forms. Therefore, in pure terms, “Ki” or “Chi”, is akin to Prana, or the Divine Spirit that gives us life.
This implies that Reiki fine-tunes everything, and everyone in the universe, and is controlled by the supreme wisdom of the divine. It always permeates wherever it’s required for the highest good!
“Ki,” or life energy is important. The manner that it flows through us deeply influences our health and day-to-day lives.

What does Reiki Involve?

What is Reiki and Where to learn Reiki 2

Reiki is a spiritual way of managing life. Therefore, it is not related to any religion or nationality and is truly holistic. Furthermore, Reiki works on all the planes of our existence – the mind, body, and spirit.

Practicing Reiki will enhance your innate healing energies by interacting with the universal source. By doing so, it releases physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual barriers that prevent the smooth flow of universal life-force. Thereby, it brings the vital balance into your mind, body, and soul that leads to self-healing.

It is a system, or procedure, of removal of the harmful blocks and restoration of the normal flow of Ki. Besides this, Reiki also gives immunity from illness by making your Ki flow smoothly.

Why Should You Learn Reiki?

While there are many techniques of mind-body-spirit healing and bringing balance in life, Reiki is the simplest and easiest. Moreover, since Reiki represents divine energy and is meant for the highest good, it cannot harm in any manner. Moreover, the procedures used in Reiki are easy to understand and give remarkable results. That is because Reiki energy is intelligent; it always flows as needed, to give the most beneficial results!

Benefits of Reiki

While there are innumerable benefits, Reiki is better-known because of the following-

  • Promotes Relaxation. This gives you instantaneous relief from stress
  • It is Non-Invasive. Not only that, but it is also economical to learn and practice.
  • Reiki is harmless and an excellent complimentary accompaniment to other healing modalities, including modern allopathic
  • Reiki creates balance and brings harmony in your life
  • It empowers you to clear the energetic blocks, thus bringing wellness and giving you the life you deserve.
  • Reiki thereby enables your body to heal itself!

The best way to know more about Reiki is to feel it yourself!

Do you want to learn Reiki and bring about magical changes in your life?

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