How to Connect with Your Higher Self 

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The Divine Self is the dimension that exists at a level higher than even the soul. It exists in every living being born and is the essence of creation dwelling within you. It is the source of all light and life within you and is your true motivation for living. Learning to connect with your higher self is as simple as any meditative practice. This article aims to give you an insight into the basics of how to connect with your higher self.

The spiritual journey of the soul at your core existence is why it chose to incarnate at this time. It is ever-aware and has existed not just in this lifetime but even since your birth in other lifetimes. 

How do you know when you connect with your higher self?

If you have ever experienced synchronicity, which is when two things happen simultaneously and are too similar to be a coincidence, you may be in the process of connecting with your higher self.

In the same way, the soul acts as a bridge between the person and the Divine Self until the person can directly experience and realise the Divine Self.

How to connect with your higher self?

The practice of connecting to your divine self promises guidance, peace, harmony, and an illuminating light through its higher knowledge. 

Believers also claim that you can more easily turn away from the distractions of the physical world and restore yourself to the light, love, and power of this divine energy. It will reveal the illusions, desires, and attachments that keep you trapped in a lower vibration and on a lesser path, thus enabling you to find your divine path. You will also be able to discern limiting, disharmonious, and restricting energies more easily.

The Divine Self is constantly attempting to communicate with you, sending you higher power, illumination, love, and wisdom so that you might integrate higher feelings, forms, thoughts, and events into your daily existence. The Divine Self is smart; it understands everything and always offers you the simplest, most effective, and most joyous way to live.

You do not have to struggle to contact your Divine Self. All you need to do is set your intention and be open to all the gifts of consciousness that await you as you connect with your higher Self. Here are the basic steps that will teach you how to connect with your higher self.

1. Locate a quiet spot to sit for making a connection to the Higher Self

Find a peaceful, quiet place to spend some time. Set your intention to contact your Divine Self, open to it, and receive its positive energy, love, inspiration, and all the transformation, awareness, and gifts of consciousness it is always offering you. 

Though initially, you may feel you have not made any contact, don’t feel discouraged! 

Your intention to connect with your Higher Self and your receptivity to it is all that is needed to make this connection. Therefore, all that you need, is more practice to receive its guidance, energy, and inspiration. 

It always responds to your call.

2. Let your thoughts go

Bring your mind to a state of inner stillness, with nothing to think about, even if you can manage just for a few moments. Release the negative thought patterns you hold, and imagine that you are infinite intelligence, unconditional love, and all-knowing wisdom, looking out through your eyes. The “I” within you that is always present is pure awareness.

Let go of any thoughts about the outer world and go within yourself, asking for your Divine Self to draw you into it. You can make your connection to your Divine Self even stronger when you let go of any thoughts or beliefs that might get in the way.

3. Interact with the Divine Higher Self

If you want to give it a shot, ask for guidance, insight, or an answer as you enter the silence. The higher self communicates with you in these moments of silence. It can impart as much of its wisdom, power, and love as you can receive. Allow your higher self to be your spiritual teacher and guide you.

Notice the new thoughts that emerge after the moments of silence. Doing this brings more power, love, wisdom, guidance, abundance, spiritual growth, and spiritual intelligence. 

4. Maintain an open mind and listen to the inner voice of the higher self

Afterwards, you may receive an inner message that may feel like you are giving yourself a message, which is normal. Contact can occur in the form of energy, peace, an inner knowing, an answer, a deeper breath, or any other means. It is okay if you do not have any response that you can feel or identify. Know that contact has been made through your intention to make contact. You now have a new idea, more energy, or a spark of inspiration that will come to you at the right time.

You don’t even have to spend a lot of time doing this meditation. Having periodic ten- or twenty-second meditation intervals throughout the day is still quite beneficial. Taking just a few moments on your busy day to seek guidance is also a great approach to strengthen your connection with the Divine Self.

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