Hara Meditation

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Hara meditation is all about focusing attention on the lower portion of the abdomen, or Hara. We also call it Tan Den and is a major energy center of the energy body. 

Since it is not a physical entity, but an energy center, you cannot define its exact location but can visualize the Tan Den as located two inches below and an inch behind the navel point, somewhere in the center of your body, slightly in front of the spine. 

In physical terms, you can view it as the center of gravity of your body.

This is also a place where the Ki or Chi is concentrated and it is this Ki which when focused upon, can achieve stupendous results. This is the reason, Hara meditation brings extraordinary results in martial arts, power sports as well as spiritual healing! 

What is Hara Meditation

Hara meditation is all about focusing attention on this spot. Therefore, cultivating a habit of practicing Hara meditation greatly enhances calmness, concentration, contentment, and ‘centeredness’. 

Hara meditation enables you to enhance your energy field. You are able to project this to address your needs, be it healing or achieving your tasks, unthinkingly and instinctively, using your focused intent. 

You will be able to develop your ability to focus and consciously use your Ki, to not only help you achieve your purpose at hand but also bring positive qualities to other activities in your life with powerful and lasting results.

A Simple Hara Meditation Practice-

Sit in a comfortable posture keeping your spine erect. For this Sukhasana or Vajrasana is ideal. If you have a problem sitting on the floor, you can sit upright on a chair with your back straight and feet firmly planted on the ground. In extreme cases when you have difficulty you can also do this lying down in Shavasana.

Photo by Miriam Alonso from Pexels

Relax your body and focus your attention on the hara. 

Breath deeply into the Tan Den with your natural rhythm. 

Feel the movement of your abdomen as you breathe in and out. 

If your attention wanders from the breath, bring it back and continue this practice. You may have to practice this for a few days till you’ve got used to abdominal breathing. This is important. Please do not proceed to the next step till you are adept at this.

To develop this further, when you breathe in try to feel the air; visualize Ki flowing along with it, and going right down to accumulate at the hara. 

Hold the breath as per your natural capability and concentrate on the energy there for a few seconds. Then breathe out the air slowly, while the Ki still held in the hara.

Breathe in again, drawing in more energy, and follow the cycle as earlier. Continue this way building up and gathering energy in the Tan Den. 

Do this for about five minutes daily. It is a useful tool that you can then use when you prepare yourself for giving treatments or any other purpose. 

If you are healing, then visualise this energy rising up and following thru your palms onto the person you receiving the energy. Else just focus on the energy filling you up to give you that extra boost to achieve whatever you do in your life.

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