Give Life a Pause

“You’re only here for a short visit. Don’t hurry. Don’t worry. And be sure to smell the flowers along the way.”

William Hagen

When you recite or listen to Gurbani, the Sikh holy book you cannot but note a word repeated often between every stanza. And that is “Rahao,” meaning “give a pause.”

What does give life a pause mean? And why is it so important?

If you are listening to or reading to contemplate Guru Ji’s teachings, providing a pause between the verses is a significant factor that allows you to fully comprehend the Guru’s message by reflecting on what comes before and after “Rahao.”

Similarly, to understand the meaning of life, you need to give life a pause.

Are you able to enjoy each step of the journey of your life, or are you just waiting for it to be over?

Are you a member of the generation that demands fast gratification and has no time for anything?

Give Life a Pause

Learn to Give a Pause.

The ability to hear our inner voice comes to the fore in these moments of the unknown. When we heed this voice, we are more in tune with our animal instincts and hearts than rational human minds.

When we purposefully slow down in this period of human history, we re-establish our connection with what matters most and reclaim the reality we should live—as straightforward and lovely as it is.

We create more room for exploration and play to develop when we give life a pause. In the pause, we discover our inner power and self-assurance. We can only truly appreciate the power and potential of the pause if we practice sitting in it.

So, give life a pause and see how it feels to engage yourself in inquiry while experiencing complete ignorance. Settle in and reacquaint yourself with your gut instinct. Discover its resonance. What is your intuition attempting to tell you in this moment of uncertainty? Do you believe it? How do you develop anything from scratch or repair a relationship while following your instinct? Intuition comes naturally to us as humans.

How might we practice pausing in our daily lives?

We can feel, which allows us to understand things without actively thinking about them.

It is a good idea to practice pausing when you focus on your breaths and notice the brief delay between your inhalation and exhalation and vice versa.

Additionally, you may notice a pause before an instinctual response when speaking to others. Maintain eye contact and listen actively to understand their point of view or story. Empathize with them. Pause before you answer, even before you consider your response. Hear them completely. Pause again, speaking from the heart and not the mind.

Why Should You Give Life a Pause?

Pauses in life allow you to reflect, develop, take charge, provide opportunity, take stock, review, collaborate, regain control, and evolve.

You connect with and learn to trust your instincts.

The Significance of Pause

Exploration and adventure are a big part of life. The most significant factor, in my opinion, despite the numerous stunning sunsets and expansive views, is with whom you enjoy them. Exploration is most exciting when it involves the simplest, most basic things. Sharing stories with strangers over hot tea along with pastries, fries, or butter on toast.

Most people do not recall these seemingly inconsequential, minor details, but they are etched in the mind forever. These feelings usually come most strongly when you move away from the bustling city life. It is only when the hectic pace of life suddenly slows down, that you can savour each sensation that life offers.

Here you see less focus on material items, and greater importance is placed on communities and looking out for one another.

Therefore, take a pause. Instead of waiting forever for one huge magical event, halt the precious moments passing by and appreciate the many small things in life that come your way. In the end, it is these small things in life that we start to appreciate that remain in our memories.

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