Energy Healing Using Essential Oils

Energy Healing Using Essential Oils

It is important to clear the space around you using energy healing essential oils before starting a Reiki or any other energy healing methodology.

Not only that, having a positive energy in your space is beneficial for the mind as and spirit.

During the practice of energy healing, a clear space helps in alignment of your goals.

Here is what you need to know about essential oils, their properties, and usage in Reiki or any other form of energy healing.

The Fundamentals of Space Clearing for Energy Healing using Essential Oils

Essential oils are the aromatic extracts of the flowers, leaves, stems, bark, and roots of plants. Using them helps in bringing about specific energetic frequencies in the space where they are used.

Each essential oil carries within itself the aroma that vibrates with the energetic properties of the plant that it was extracted from. Each one has a subtle difference and can be used for obtaining specific results.

Energy Healing using Essential Oils is an ideal tool that can bring about magical results in the hands of an experienced and dedicated Reiki practitioner.

Some Essential Oils and their uses  –

Clove Oil – used for strengthening the self-belief, making changes in the aura field and increasing your circle of influence.

Lemongrass Oil – It has a positive influence on the third eye chakra and cleans up negativity caused by emotional stimuli. Hence very useful in maintaining relationships. It also helps in overcoming unnaturally high attachment to worldly pleasures.

Lime Oil – Strengthens self-belief, brings a zest in the work you do, and releases lethargy.

Tea tree Oil – Magnifies the recipient’s aura and increases insight which helps identify right from wrong.

Oregano Oil – Helps in letting go of limiting beliefs and circumstances that are a hindrance to our growth.

These are the four essential oils that are common and can be used for most of the space clearing rituals. Similarly, there are many other essential oils that are available and can be used for clearing space (read aura fields) which can help you in many ways. At times we may use more than one oil, as most novices do; but a good practitioner will know exactly what to use.

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