Finding True Love

Finding True Love

During the course of my Reiki healing sessions, I often come across couples who had been in love for years before getting married – only to fall out within a period of few months.
This is surprising; after all, didn’t they believe that their love was true and everlasting?
So what happened?
This is a dilemma we often see in our lives. We see images that we had for years, shatter in a few months!
And the solution lies in realizing that – after all, they are just the images. The images that had been created by us!
What we create is what we believe in and hence the crux of the issue is that we believe in what we imagine.
Therefore, start practicing those values which would actually go a long way in making the true love that we always wanted a reality in our lives These values are-

  • Accepting the other person’s fault
  • Accepting the fact that no one is perfect is the key to true love.   Acceptance leads to forgiveness and also the capability to overlook small things that come in between relationships.
  • Acceptance also means that we should understand the other person is not you, hence we should stop expecting them to behave the way we wish to. 

It is more important to accept yourself and understand that it is you, who created this love- which was based on unrealistic behavior; so in case there is any restriction in the relationships it is primarily because of the images that you, yourself created.
It is best to live and let live and give space to each other as individuals – this would go a long way in in bonding and making love in relationships lasting forever.

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