Code of Ethics for Reiki Practitioners

While doing any energy healing or training, it is important that we follow the Code of Ethics for Reiki Practitioners.

Ethics Reflect Who we Are

What Is the Code of Ethics?

The code of ethics is a set of self-governing principles formulated to help professionals in any field. They guide you in conducting the business with honesty and integrity. 

What Does the Code of Ethics Contain?

The code of ethics outlines the core values of the organization, which the professionals associated with that organization should adhere to, while conducting any business. 

The Code of Ethics for Reiki Practitioners

Every organization has its own set of guidelines that set out the road map to follow.

Importance of Ethics in Reiki

Here is a sample code of ethics for Reiki Practitioners followed at Dr. Prakash’s Reiki Healing and Training Centre, Pune

  • All Practitioners qualifying from this center are expected to follow the same.
  • Always aim to serve the best interests of the clients, without intending to cause any harm.
  • Deal transparently and truthfully. Treat all the clients with respect, regardless of gender, race, religion, political affiliation, etc.
  • Maintain confidentiality, ànd do not share any information with anyone, unless requested by the client or by a court of law. 
  • Do not mislead the clients with guarantees, false promises, outcomes, or miraculous cures. 
  • Recommend continuation of professional medical advice and treatment even while practicing Reiki in the complementary role. 
  • Do not give any advice that you are not qualified to provide. Be frank and forthright with your clients.
  • Treat every client compassionately and with dignity.
  • Respect the Clients’ privacy, opinions, and spiritual beliefs.Do not violate the Law of Free Will. Provide Reiki and other energy healing services to only those who choose to receive it.
  • Continue the learning process by practicing regularly. Imbibe the quality in your students that learning is never complete.
  • Always keep in mind that you are just a channel. All the work is done by the divine Reiki energy.

The core values taught during training at Dr. Prakash’s Reiki Healing and Training Centre, Pune, guides you on a holistic path of fulfillment and abundance.

Those who wish to implement similar guidelines are free to copy the above and use it for their practices. Also, if you deem fit, kindly give the reference to this article.

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