Why We Cannot Connect To Spiritual Guides

Connect To Spiritual Guides

Before I answer this question let me ask you another one.

Why do you want to connect to your spiritual guides?

And the general answer that I always get is – to get guidance for some problem or the other; and therein lies the solution to the question of why we are unable to connect!

The biggest and the most important reason that we cannot connect to our spiritual guides is that we want to do it randomly- all required basis.  This, in turn, means that it is not our regular desire to be in permanent connection or to be in touch with them all the time.

There are many other reasons too when you want to connect regularly and still cannot!

And these reasons relate mostly to the way we conduct ourselves in your daily life and the way we practice.

Let’s go over these three important aspects.

Connecting Regularly

Unknown to us,   our spiritual guides are always around us sending signals and guiding us throughout our lives. It is we do not listen, or pay heed to the messages that we receive. 

This is almost like having a TV with hundreds of channels and you are flitting from one program to another searching for the right one and are unable to find it. That one channel which is the most useful and interesting to you is lost because of the clutter. 

Exactly the same thing happens with us when we want to tune into our spiritual guides; they are always transmitting and yet we do not hear the right thing because of the clutter that surrounds us. 

This clutter is both internal as well as external.  We have to first remove the clutter and only then we would be able to listen to the right thing.  For how to connect to your spiritual guides you can look up My Earlier Post HERE.

Our Daily Conduct

You may be trying your best and you may be doing all the procedures, rituals and things that have been told to you and yet you cannot connect. 

This is because while we know the right from the wrong and we know how exactly we should be leading our lives but we do not do it. 

Yes, it is true. 

Don’t you see so many people trying to tell you what is right and yet they do the exact opposite when it suits them?  What does it say?

We have to rise from the ordinary and purify was souls; only then we would be able to make the connection with our spiritual guides. 

For purifying our souls, we have to lead a life which is devoid of any deceit, desires, and self-gain.  We must have compassion as well as the love for the living uppermost in our mind. 

We have to generally follow The Principles Of Yamas and Niyamas.

The Way We Practice

Although we all know the procedure and we do follow it as taught but it would never work without the first two ingredients given above; any amount of procedures are not going to get your results. 

Procedures do not matter as much as the intent. 

On the other hand, you would be able to connect to your spiritual guides with the minimum of practices as well as procedures if your intent, as well as daily conduct, is correct. Try to be a soul that attracts other souls.

When done correctly, you would find that your connection with your spiritual guides would be the most meaningful and profound one that you will cultivate in your life. It will balance you, ground you, and nurture you in every walk of life.
God Bless…….

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