Usui Reiki TRAINING and Attunement Sessions 

(Training lasts minimum 5 and up to 7 hours for each level)
USUI REIKI TRAINING AND ATTUNEMENT                           

NOTE :  

1.     Those who cannot pay or need a discount, can pay only a token amount that they decide for themselves.
2.     On special occasions (YOUR birthday, anniversary, etc) – Avail 25 % Discount on all prices.
3.     Fees for REIKI training, as well as Reiki healing, will be reduced or fully exempted for needy persons.
4.    If someone is not satisfied for any reason, there is no need to pay. The payment is after the session.


These are done on a mutually fixed day, generally over the weekend, using Skype, Facebook or WhatsApp video. However, online training is only as last resort if it is the only way out.
It is preferred to teach in person.

PLEASE NOTE: My Skype video training, healing, and attunement sessions are all LIVE (not recorded) and one-to-one and hence interactive just like a class. Hence, you won’t feel any different from being right next to me. They may be held over 2 to 3 days (2 hours per day).

DONATIONS – If you are satisfied and wish to donate kindly click HERE 

All Donations will go for charitable purposes.

CONTACT DETAILS      Please fill up the form HERE or contact  me at the following along with details of the case and picture in case of healing and  suitable dates and timings for bookings

Call    : +91-9422310656 & 9325019493