Benefits of Fasting

Benefits of Fasting

“Fasting is the greatest remedy —

the physician within.”

Intermittent fasting can affect our mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health.

Over-indulgence has become a part of our modern day living. Our bodies have evolved over centuries after going through cycles of abundance and deprivation. Our forefathers went through famines and shortages over regular intervals and the bodies got evolved to deal with such fluctuations by storing fat during “good” times and using it during times of deprivation. Feasting and fasting went hand in hand. The overindulgences or rather “overloading” of our bodies were neutralized during the compulsory fasting periods which helped detoxifying and balancing out the functions of our body.

These days, however, we live in the world of feasting all the time. The body keeps storing up for that “famine” period, that never comes! This leads to obesity and metabolic disharmony as toxins get accumulated and the body does not get time to do anything but divert all its energy towards digesting food. The hormones and consequently the glands that produce them get overstretched, leading to serious dysfunction and thereby to serious lifestyle diseases.

Physical benefits of fasting

During a fast, our system gets a respite from the continuous onslaught of food. Digesting and assimilating require a great amount of energy. Almost 65% of our body’s energy has to be directed towards the digestive system after every heavy meal till it gets fully assimilated by the body. If we keep stuffing something in our stomach at regular intervals without giving a break, it can actually lead to lack of energy!

If we free up this energy, it could be used for healing and recuperation of our body enabling it to detox and repair tissues and organs. During a fast, the body uses up the time and energy for housecleaning tasks. It helps bring harmony and balance to an overworked, overloaded system and makes it possible to handle the toxins that have been stored. Fasting offers an opportunity “catch up”. It “sets the stage” by creating the environment for healing can occur.

Mental / Emotional benefits of fasting

Fasting improves focus and mental clarity and thereby gives you a greater energy, freedom, and flexibility to get important things done.

Emotionally, it helps you feel calmer and happier. It lifts depression and feels brighter as goals start appearing obtainable since obstacles are analyzed into better perspective. It improves concentration, reduces anxiety, and helps sleeping better and you would wake up more refreshed.
In short, you start seeing things from a better perspective.

The Spiritual aspects of fasting

Fasting has a powerful effect on the spiritual connection as it helps take our attention away from the pursuit of self-indulgence and focus inward. And that promotes a greater sense of bonding with the Inner self.

It helps to create a subtle withdrawal from the physical realities and worldly belongings and helps to make a connection with the higher self. Thus messages and guidance from higher realms get clearer giving you a changed perception of life.

To summarize, intermittent fasting is good for the body in every manner. Occasional planned fasting will:

  • Give rest to the digestive system
  • Allow detoxification of the body
  • Cause a break in the eating patterns
  • Will promote mental clarity
  • Heal  emotional patterns
  • Will lead to the feeling of lightness, thus increasing the energy levels
  • Promote inner stillness
  • Enhance your spiritual connection

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