The Spirit of Gratitude

The Spirit of GratitudeThe Attitude of Gratitude is simple yet difficult to practice. Most of us practice mechanically more as a matter of ritual. In actual truth, the (AOG) Attitude of Gratitude is more about “feeling” it than about wording it.

Hence it is more important that we began to “develop” the attitude of gratitude. The feeling should come from deep inside as if emanating from the heart.

We tend to get so used to the abundance of the universal force that we generally take it for granted. We overlook the simple and small things that came our way and focus on things that did not! The truth is, once you are grateful for what you have, more abundance fills your life.

Ours is a life of shifting focuses. Whereas, all we need to do is to keep our focus on the gratitude of the giver, for having given us what we have (and so many others may not) The moment we learn to develop this  Attitude of Gratitude the whole universe opens its doors for you to bask in its glory.

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