Reiki HEALING: ​The importance of Grounding


Reiki HEALING: ​The importance of GroundingGrounding is a very important part of Reiki healing; but is seldom given the importance by most Reiki practitioners.  This is also because a very little mention is made (if at all) and most Reiki masters do not ensure a full practice while concluding their training.

As energy healers using these subtle but strong forces, it is essential that a foundation of grounding is made the before the start of any healing session.

Why is Grounding so important?

An energy healer’s work involves addressing spiritual realms of our very existence and it is possible that we may get affected by the client’s karma or trauma. Therefore, while healing, we should approach it with caution so that we give healing without getting affected by any negative spiritual influences.

Like all energies, the subtle healing energies too flow from higher to lower planes i.e. from the entities having strong energy into those having weak energy.

If you heal someone who has an issue contained in his fourth layer of aura i.e. within the past life karma with strong, dormant unresolved emotions you, as a healer, need to insulate yourself from these forces and at the same time tap the “chi” from the universe and transmit it purely as a medium to clear the aura. You need to be like an oak tree, firmly grounded with its roots and survive a hurricane.

Grounding involves awareness of “here and now”. It magnifies your energy field and makes you secure, as you take up the divine duty of “energy exchange”. It actually involves filling in with positive energy and removal of negative one from your client, without getting affected!

Inadequate grounding can manifest the clients’ symptoms into the healer. Therefore, as Reiki practitioners, it is extremely important to have the basic safety precaution; yet be able to channeling Reiki in the best form.

When you learn Reiki, do ask your Reiki master to teach you details about grounding. Without it, Reiki healing is as dangerous as driving a car at 200mph without a seat belt.

For those who have been attuned without sufficient knowledge or have doubts about how to go about it, please do not hesitate in getting back to your teachers and practice with them.

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