Magical Connections

Magical Connections

Have you ever been in a situation where you meet someone you’ve never met before and yet you feel instant connection. Or maybe instant repulsion!

This may just be a coincidence but it is more likely to be a sign that your subconscious mind has made one of those magical connections with someone you were close to or have encountered in your past life in a manner that had made a lasting imprint on your memories bank.

These magical connections cannot be explained by science as merely telepathic and focused.

You somehow just get drawn to that person, and without knowing, try to find ways to connect more.

This may also happen without seeing a person!

You get mail or a message (or simply a “feeling” .. Or a dream) which stands out from the rest and you feel compelled to connect.

Sometimes it becomes even more uncanny when you meet or see a person and “know” what he/she will do or say, and he/she did exactly so!

Such magical connections are of course hard to explain. Sometimes¬†you get drawn to the language of the eyes. It’s almost hypnotic. As if you’ve looked into those eyes before

Signs of Magical Connections.

If there is something familiar about the eyes, look again. You may be seeing someone from your past lives!

The generic configuration of the eyes often doesn’t change while passing from one life to the other, and hold the key to recognizing your spiritual companions.

Therefore pause and think. If you are close to somebody or feel “connected” chances are that you’ve been together in your past lives too.

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