2016: The Best Is Ahead

The Best Is Ahead

It is the start of another year and a traditional time to look back, take stock of the life and see where it is headed; and measure it against the framework of the past – where we have been!

No, I am not talking of the New Year’s resolutions; but a different prospective about the time ahead and the past as well as the future – of the transitions and changes in our lives. Unknown to us, such moments occur virtually every day.

The Best Is ALWAYS Ahead

Normally, with the start of a new year we try to look back, take stock and make resolutions that are often forgotten; simply because we are creatures of habit. We live in the comfort zones of our own making.

Thereafter, we ought to look ahead and grasp the blessings, truths, and events which are yet to be efficacious for our lives.

Most of us yearn to go back in the “good old days”.  Remember, it is a world that simply cannot be lived in at the moment; it is the past! And therefore, it serves no purpose to be perennially dissatisfied about the present circumstances or have a dismal view of what the future holds. Do not miss out on the “here and now” by getting into the trap of “in there and then, and yesterday”.

A reflection in the past is simply something to learn from; not to be lived in! However good those days might have been, we ought to look back only to claim the embers of the glowing experiences and not the ashes.

Learning to Forgive and Forget Yourself

Many of us fail to forgive and forget our own as well as others’ mistakes earlier in life. How wrong is that! To be bound to earlier shackles and mistakes is perhaps the worst form of wallowing of the past which we should cease and desist.

I can’t narrate to you enough about the number of relationships related trauma amongst couples who come to me for counseling who, when deeply hurt or just deeply stressed, tend to reach farther down into their past to grab yet another bigger brick to throw at the other, through literally the window “pains” of their relationship.

Whenever a relationship is done and over with, and has been repented as much as it could be repented; when your life has moved on and many other wonderful things that might have happened, it is not only wrong but also sinful to try to go back and open the same wounds.

Let people grow. Let people repent. Change can and would improve people. If something has been buried in the past, simply leave it buried without going back to it with your sand pail and shovel to dig it out, and throw it asking, “Hey! Do you remember this?”

Such dwelling into the past lives, and past mistakes is simply not right! It ends up destroying relationships even more.

Remember- The Best Is Always Ahead

Avoid repeating your mistakes, Dismiss the destructive – This is the most important thing to be considered at the start of the New Year— every day is the start of a new year- a new life.  Always have faith and remember – the best is ahead; such is the miracle wonder of the creator.

To bring out the essence, a few lines from Robert Browning:

“Grow old along with me!
The best is yet to be,
The last of life, for which the first was made:
Our times are in his hand
Who saith, “A whole I planned,
Youth shows but half; trust God: see all, nor be afraid!”

So, focus on your dreams and desires, however distant they appear because they will surely come if you look straight and live to see these miracles emerge from practicing repentance and forgiveness. These combined with divine love and trust has the power to positively transform your life forever. This is the only New Year’s resolution I would ask you to make.

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  1. Pooja

    Well said in fact this is the real acceptance of truth, which is only ointment of healing…..but relic of old path never goes out of memories …this is what makes a person human….who loves who care, who hate and finally accepts.Humanity and life both are always positive and optimistic……

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