KARMA & How can we break our karmic cycle

Today my daughter surprised me by asking a simple question.

“How can we break our karmic cycle? ….if at all we can do so.”

My Answer was simple – Yes, we can, and it is very easy too. And I explained this –

One way is by engaging ourselves in more acts of kindness to achieve a balance in our world.

Hence, Acts of Kindness is one of the keys. Things change just by you helping someone once a day. See anyone in distress? Reach out. Do what is within your means. It takes us beyond ourselves… All your problems become smaller. AND this also implies – be kind to yourself too! Do not be over critical or find faults in others as well as yourself.

By reaching out to others, you will realize others have many more problems and you will start being grateful for what we have. Being grateful and focusing on what we have- and showing our gratitude is, therefore, the second key to it.

You will find many solutions given by greater minds than mine, but I think my solution is the simplest and the most practical one. Diagrammatically, remember this –

We Act (KARMA) => Forms Impression on our karmic DNA (SANSKARAS) => We act again (KARMA)….. and the cycle repeats.

Thus starting your day with a simple prayer to God thanking for what you have and continuing your normal day to day chores and consciously developing an attitude of going through your day with a cocktail of “helpful inclination to all” by reaching out alters the DNA of our soul… and aligns our karma for a more fulfilling life.

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