Is Attunement Necessary in Reiki?

I have often been asked “Is attunement necessary in Reiki?

Opinions vary on this and everyone tries to explain what suits their convenience. Eg. A person using online tools for Reiki training will say it is not needed whereas someone holding workshops and classes in real would say it is needed.

There is no easy answer to this question, but I will try and explain my point of view since I hold both online as well as off line classrooms.

In short, most people require attunements, especially those who are new to Reiki and have not practised long enough. It may not be so for most once you’ve pursued the second level (regularly) for at least 3 months. So, the short answer is that attunements are essential for the vast majority of people, but not for all.

Understanding Why is Attunement Necessary in Reiki

For getting a clear idea, we need to dive into the fundamentals:

  • Everyone is able to heal. It is a God given, natural ability in all. 
  • Your own self-limiting beliefs are the only thing stopping you from using this. 
    Energy healing “awareness” can take many forms. It is crucial to choose one that best suits you and your learning style.
  • Reiki healing or any other energy work is based upon your intent (and the intensity of intent). This is true for the vast majority of people.
  • Some people, on the other hand, have the gift of being in Reiki mode (helping others, having an inborn empathic disposition, growing up in a holistic spiritually oriented environment)—they don’t need formal training or attunement because their intention is already aligned with the highest benefit.

How much is Attunement Necessary in Reiki

Whether you decide to become more open to your gifts through spiritual development, attunement, or formal instruction, it all boils down to one simple rule: When you attune in close proximity to a master, your abilities manifest faster. 
The more skilled the master, the faster this happens, which lets you get much stronger powers.

Choosing the Reiki Master

You must tread cautiously when choosing a Reiki teacher. Many so-called masters are merely looking to make money. Their money is earned through books, films, and webinars rather than through actual teaching, guiding, and healing with the noble goal of serving others. 
Webinars and books can provide background information and act as a reference, but they cannot develop your abilities. As a result, it is preferable to directly train and tune with a competent master.

While knowledge gained from books or other means is adequate to commence reiki practices, the act of attunement aids in the removal of blockages. It is also a formal “licence” to move forwards along this holistic journey. Being attuned “in person” improves your powers. It’s like lighting another candle with the one you already have.

Finally, if you want to train and receive attunement, find a truly powerful teacher. How will you know who is the right person for training and attunement? Find out HERE.

Therefore, is attunement necessary in Reiki? It is entirely up to you to decide.

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