Finding Fulfillment And Purpose In Life

Finding Fulfillment And Purpose In Life

Fulfillment And Purpose In Life

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Despite having everything that a person can hope for, many of us lack a sense of fulfillment and purpose in life.This is in contradiction with so many opportunities and possibilities that exist.

Many of us are sacrificing our lives going about it in a routine manner – doing jobs that we do not love, living with people with whom we do not gel, having nothing to do except watch television day in and day out, and interacting with people whom we just don’t like.

We are simply not able to get out of the mold of mediocrity; and do something exciting that brings fulfillment and purpose in life. Down the line, many of us forget our desires, hobbies and passions just because we are following a pattern.

How do we overcome this?
How to find more fulfillment and purpose in life?

To get a sense of fulfillment and purpose in life, it is essential to do something that we like to do.

For this, you need to introspect and get an idea of what you want to do; and re-ignite the passion to do those things despite being overwhelmed with all other commitments. Remember – Idea + Passion = Purpose Therefore, you need to get your lifestyle in alignment with your passion and purpose.

A Guide to Finding Fulfillment and Purpose in Life  

Before sleeping at night ask yourself the question – “what different did I do today?” If the answer is “nothing”, then surely you are wasting your life.

Every day, when you get up, spare a moment and think what (different) should I do today. Then plan something you love doing or something you have been postponing – write a poem, sing a song, start a blog, go to needy children orphanage, go to a bird sanctuary, meditate 30 minutes, do yoga, get in touch with friends left behind, Call up your siblings, old parents, etc, etc.

There is no end to what “different” we can do that day – if only we set about doing SOMETHING; however small or trivial, day after day.

Remember, small things are possible with ease; never wait for one big moment – it may never come! Enrich your life by doing small things that would bring fulfillment and purpose in life day after day!

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  1. Simi

    Good thoughts… introspection can lead to satisfaction

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    Simple, and yet can have a lasting profound impact.

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    This content makes so much sense.. every word is so meaningful. ?❤️

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