The Principle of Exchange


The Principle of Exchange

I have always felt that far too many people are in the Reiki “Business” as they themselves call it.
What a way to describe it (or practice it)?
Is it a business?
A resounding NO!!!!!

Such a beautiful gift of God cannot be made demeaning.
Yet at the same time, Reiki masters down the ages have talked of “exchange” , that is, something in return; and the purpose of return is just one – NOT TO PUT the person receiving attunement or healing in a karmic debt.

Those who practice Reiki will definitely get much more from the abundance that exists and need not even ask for any monitory gain.

Hence I formulated what I like to term as “The Principle of Exchange”

I summarize it as under –

·         It should be as per the capacity of the person giving and not put him or his family in any pressure or trauma
·         It should be as per requirement only, not to get rich!
·         It should be given freely; hence monitory value assigned should only be an indicator. A Reiki practitioner should accept much less too with grace and blessings. And last but not the least –
·         Money should NOT be the only way for exchange. Bartering can be a valid method. There are many other ways of giving books, cards, homemade food, handmade knitted items, etc. It can also be a return energy exchange!

Alternatively, one can also give what they can easily or provide a service. One can also do this by way of website development, giving an internet review or by word of mouth referral.

The only catch- both must feel comfortable and be honest about what they exchange.

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