REIKI Courses

REIKI Courses

Embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and holistic healing through our comprehensive Reiki courses. Designed to empower individuals at various stages of their spiritual exploration, our courses offer a profound introduction to the ancient art of Reiki. Join us on this enlightening journey, where each course represents a stepping stone towards greater well-being, intuition, and a connection to your life’s purpose. The cost given below is indicative only Reiki will not be denied to those unable to pay. You may donate as per your capacity.

Reiki Level 1

Embark on the journey of Reiki with the first degree, opening the doors to the incredible gift of Reiki energy. Upon completing the Reiki Level 1 class, you gain the ability to channel Reiki energy for both yourself and others, a skill that will accompany you throughout your lifetime. The curriculum includes teachings on the history, principles, and theory of Reiki. Following the class, you are encouraged to engage in regular self-treatments and explore the application of Reiki in various aspects of your life. The cost is Rs 2000 (USD 100 or equivalent for those outside India).

Reiki Level 2

For those seeking to deepen their Reiki practice, the second degree enhances your ability to channel Reiki and introduces six ancient symbols that serve as keys to distant, emotional, and mental healing. Reiki Level 2 empowers you to address life issues more profoundly, fostering the development of intuition and self-awareness while strengthening your connection to your life path. If you’ve completed Level 1 with me, the cost is Rs 2500; otherwise, it’s Rs 3500.

Reiki Mastership

The third degree represents a significant empowerment in your Reiki journey. The decision to pursue Reiki Mastership arises from an inner calling, indicating your readiness for this transformative step. The Masters workshop acknowledges your spiritual and personal growth, granting you the option to teach Reiki and Seichem to others if you so desire. For those who have completed Level 1 & 2 with me, the cost is Rs 3500; otherwise, it’s Rs 5500.

In conclusion, our Reiki Courses serve as gateways to a life enriched with healing, balance, and spiritual growth. Whether you are just beginning your journey with Reiki Level 1, seeking to deepen your practice in Reiki Level 2, or aspiring to reach the pinnacle of mastery through our Reiki Mastership program, each course offers a unique and transformative experience. Through the exploration of ancient wisdom, principles, and energy techniques, our courses provide a holistic approach to well-being. The power to channel healing energy, unlock intuition, and foster personal and spiritual development awaits you in these Reiki Courses. Embrace the opportunity to enhance your life and the lives of others by becoming a conduit for positive energy and enlightenment through our empowering Reiki training programs.

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