Developing Positivity in Daily Life Situations

Developing Positivity in Daily Life Situations

We all know that keeping a positive attitude and developing positivity in daily life situations in life is very important as it creates positive vibrations in our aura. This, in turn, affects the environment around us in a most positive manner.

We turn to various meditative practices to help us bring about peace and calmness in our lives. Like any other meditation, Reiki helps us in bringing about a positivity in our lives and makes it a smooth and an effortless journey,

However, it is not always possible to remain calm and peaceful despite all over our efforts. There are bound to be situations in which one loses the cool.

Why Is Developing Positivity in Daily Life Situations So Essential?

With stressful situations at work, at home, during travel, etc it is almost a certainty that such situations will crop up at regular intervals as they are so much a part of our day to day life. An angry spouse, a zealous boss, a conniving colleague, etc can affect us in a negative manner and at times, it may be something that would “get you” despite whatever you try!

How do we overcome such situations so that the effects are minimized?

The trick is to develop your daily practices of meditation in such a way that you tide over such negative influences with ease.

Practical Guide to Developing Positivity in Daily Life Situations

Everyone has different methodologies, experiences, and techniques that help them in overcoming stressful situations. However, if you feel that such situations are recurring too often and are affecting your health and peace of mind, then and you can follow some of these practical hints –

Make a personal space

Your meditation room is sacred. It should be a place where you can carry out your meditative (and energy healing) practices undisturbed.

Thus it is not what only important 2 to earmark such a space but also to use it regularly. Keep it neat and clean, free from clutter and fix an appointment time for yourself healing and meditation every day.

Keeping our appointments regularly with ourselves as well as the creator brings about a positive shift in our focus. This, in turn, has the capacity to make you overcome the meaningless situations that linger on uselessly in our mind as they otherwise tend to keep playing in our psyche.

Understand the Importance Chakras and the symbols

Remember, the first casualty of stress shows up in the Chakras. Once they become imbalanced, it gives rise to a host of other issues. Therefore, for those who have been a tuned to second Reiki second level and above, it is very important to reinstate the symbols of divine Reiki regularly into our Aura, and this can you happen only by regular regularly during the chakra meditation.

Holistic growth

It is very essential that at you use every opportunity in life for your own holistic growth.  This essentially leads to shifting your direction from unwanted trappings and desires towards pursuits which would bring peace tranquility and calmness in your life.


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