​Some Important Diet Facts 


Some Important Diet Facts 

​Some Important Diet Facts discussed here will go a long way in creating awareness about what we eat.

Decades ago, our food was mostly locally grown and fresh. These days, a majority of the food served is highly processed and laden with sugar, chemical preservatives, harmful flavors and processed fat.

Due to this, the obesity rates have gone up, and one in ten have lifestyle issues like hypertension, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, cancer, dementia, liver disease, and depression. Nearly all of these have one common underlying factor- metabolic dysfunction.

The modern diet is one of the main reasons why people are fatter and sicker all over the world. Everywhere the processed foods go, diseases like type 2 diabetes, obesity, and heart disease are sure to follow soon. Understanding Some Important Diet Facts  will help in achieving better health.

Reduce Sugar Consumption

Refined sugar and processed fructose win the top spot as the biggest health destroyers and drives the disease rates. The sugar-sweetened beverages, fruit drinks, grain-based desserts, candy, and dairy desserts are the most prevalent sources of added sugar. Those whose daily calories consumption is 23 percent or more are TWICE as much likely to die from complications related to heart disease, as compared to those with 7 percent or less of their daily caloric intake from added sugar.

Avoid Use of Processed Vegetable Oils

Fats help the body absorb vitamins and are essential for growth and development. However, over the years use of processed fats and abandoning traditional fats has led to a declining health. Due to market compulsions, the healthiest form of saturated fats like the coconut oil and animal fats, have been portrayed as a potential cause of heart attacks. On the other hand, margarine, as well as harmful vegetable oils like canola, have been offered as “healthy alternatives”. Nothing can be further from the truth. The hydrogenation process leads to highly harmful trans-fats and should be totally avoided.

Stay away from Low-Fat Fad

This low-fat fad is market-oriented, designed to sell the so-called health foods which actually are all processed and have done unfathomable harm. Conventional recommendations urge us to dramatically decrease the overall fat content of in our diet, and this aversion to fat is a big cause of chronic ill health and metabolism-related diseases. Some nutritional experts have recommended that we get 50-85 percent of our daily calories needs from healthful fats.

Wheat and the Modern Diet

Modern wheat is genetically modified and not the same as what our grandparents ate. Its nutritional content has been drastically altered over the time and what we have now is now far less nutritious. It contains less important minerals like Iron, Zinc, Magnesium, and Copper. Modern wheat is also harmful to people who have gluten sensitivity. The wheat germ agglutinin (WGA) or wheat lectin,  is responsible for many ill effects. It is the highest in the whole wheat and has a potential to damage our health as it is Pro-Inflammatory and Immunotoxic, Cytotoxic, Neurotoxic as well as Cardiotoxic.
All varieties of grass family i.e. rice, rye, spelt, wheat, etc are high in lectins. Avoid them and go more for green vegetables and fruits in your diet.

Wrong Assumptions about Eggs

Eggs ​are controversially some important diet facts myths. are among the most nourishing foods but have been often wrongly accused of causing the heart disease just because they are cholesterol-rich. In actual fact, the dietary cholesterol has very little to do with body cholesterol levels. Eating eggs is NOT a cause of adverse LDL cholesterol in our blood.

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