Reiki Manifestation-  Achieving Your Goal

Reiki Manifestation-  Achieving Your Goal

Reiki Manifestation is used for achievement of goals. Be it a job,  business, relationship, material goods, general money abundance, treatment of disease, etc.
Reiki is a very powerful technique to achieve the same. This is so because all that you seek is its inherent factor – it is an intelligent energy that gives us unexpectedly magical results.

All those who practice Reiki often see all their desires take shape. And that’s not all! Not only will you see the conscious desires take shape, but also latent out subconscious ones. There are no limits to what all you can manifest.

Reiki and manifestation are based on the laws of attraction. But Reiki uses it for the larger good of the universe whereas manifestation is specific to an individual for a particular cause.

Manifestation can be seen as a subset of Reiki. At this point, let me also clarify that Reiki is just one of the tools to manifest; there are many other methods but – Reiki is very easy and at the same time one of the most effective too. It can be done with much more relative ease than any other methods.

Of course, you need to have been trained to at least Reiki level one; and preferably to level two. If you haven’t done so, is a good time to start.

But wait!

You can also do it in a similar way but getting a Reiki practitioner to do it for you. Most will not charge you too much for this and will limit it to a charge that is levied for one Reiki healing session. This can also be done remotely.

Things to know

  • In manifestations, we are going to seek the help of the universal forces to initiate and change circumstances that lead to the achievement of your goals. This takes time, sometimes even weeks. depending upon your aim. But generally, you will start “feeling” the chances before they start occurring. Therefore, just be patient and carry on your practice’s regularly and sincerely.
  • Never do a manifestation that would harm anyone even obliquely. Eg – If you are seeking a job, don’t seek a job that has already got someone employed on it. If you seek a good life partner, leave it to the unseen forces to decide, don’t try to manifest on a particular person because he out she may be married or interested in someone else and you should refrain from forcing them into an alliance.
  • Always have a positive intent and that will work out the best way for you.

Discuss with your Reiki master or write to me giving your situation and I will give you the wordings for exact positive intent that would get you the desired result.

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  1. fatemeh

    Hello Dr. Prakash, I have just started Reiki training and I am using your website content. I want to know how I can align with Reiki. I am financially weak. Please guide me. Thank you.

    1. Dr Prakash

      I have emailed the details to you. Please check.
      God Bless 🌹

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