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Nid Ra

Supportive and lovely man Dr Prakash was very responsive & loving with the attunement. I followed the practice & noticed a shift within 4-5 days of the practice. After a week it eased, but if I consistently return to provide Reiki to the aspects of myself that limit my work… Read more “Nid Ra”

Constance English

A blessing and honor to receive the Midas attunement by Grandmaster Dr. Prakash I am truly blessed and so grateful to have experienced receiving a session by Grandmaster Dr. Prakash. His instruction and guidance for receiving the Midas attunement was super clear and using video chat worked really well for… Read more “Constance English”

Constance English

Awesome, thank you!!!….

Thank you so much Dr Prakash, todays experience was super intense. I was drenched in sweat 😳 I fell asleep for another hour after your attunement. Thank you so much for your time, and this blessing. I will use the information you sent me. ♥ — lillian dominguez

lillian dominguez

Simone Samraj

Gratitude This morning I received my attunement to the MIDAS Star Symbol, and it was amazing. Thank you, Dr. Prakash, for such a peaceful and successful session. The energy that I felt during the session was indeed very powerful and I am left feeling like a happy ball of golden… Read more “Simone Samraj”

Simone Samraj

Kait Boehm

Blessed to connect! I would definitely recommend Dr Prakash for the Midas attunement, or any Reiki service. I enjoyed my Midas attunement very much and I could feel the energies flowing through me. Dr Prakash was very responsive and fast! He is definitely gifted and I am grateful to have… Read more “Kait Boehm”

Kait Boehm

Ana Montalvan

I received the MIDAS attunement from Dr. Prakash today and it was a beautiful experience. I really felt a wonderful connection to the divine and truly felt blessed. Thank you, Dr. Prakash, for such blessing and generosity. Dr. Prakash, you are a blessing to the world. Blessings.


Thank you so much for the session.It helped me a lot . You give a great service for the humanity!   Jola    http://www.biomassage.eu  

Vinay Chaturvedi

From the core of my heart I thank Dr Prakash for his kind blessings today in the form of Midas Attunement blessed by him in the morning. I must say it was a wonderful and pleasurable experience that lasted for nearly half an hour even after the attunement was over.… Read more “Vinay Chaturvedi”

Anand Venkatraman

I wish to thank Dr Prakash from the bottom of my heart for doing distance healing in order for me to get continuity in my job. I was very tense and his healing gave me a lot of peace and positivity and has given results as I have now landed… Read more “Anand Venkatraman”

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