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Simone Samraj

Gratitude This morning I received my attunement to the MIDAS Star Symbol, and it was amazing. Thank you, Dr. Prakash, for such a peaceful and successful session. The energy that I felt during the session was indeed very powerful and I am left feeling like a happy ball of golden… Read more “Simone Samraj”

Simone Samraj

Kait Boehm

Blessed to connect! I would definitely recommend Dr Prakash for the Midas attunement, or any Reiki service. I enjoyed my Midas attunement very much and I could feel the energies flowing through me. Dr Prakash was very responsive and fast! He is definitely gifted and I am grateful to have… Read more “Kait Boehm”

Kait Boehm

Ana Montalvan

I received the MIDAS attunement from Dr. Prakash today and it was a beautiful experience. I really felt a wonderful connection to the divine and truly felt blessed. Thank you, Dr. Prakash, for such blessing and generosity. Dr. Prakash, you are a blessing to the world. Blessings.


Thank you so much for the session.It helped me a lot . You give a great service for the humanity!   Jola    http://www.biomassage.eu  

Vinay Chaturvedi

From the core of my heart I thank Dr Prakash for his kind blessings today in the form of Midas Attunement blessed by him in the morning. I must say it was a wonderful and pleasurable experience that lasted for nearly half an hour even after the attunement was over.… Read more “Vinay Chaturvedi”

Anand Venkatraman

I wish to thank Dr Prakash from the bottom of my heart for doing distance healing in order for me to get continuity in my job. I was very tense and his healing gave me a lot of peace and positivity and has given results as I have now landed… Read more “Anand Venkatraman”

Tzagkaraki Ekaterini

The coordination or attunement (?) which I received from Dr was very good , powerful!! Clean, pure, nice energy!! I wanted to stay there for a very long time! A sense of security,protection and care!! Many Blessings in your life, according to plan, so be it !! I thank you… Read more “Tzagkaraki Ekaterini”


I received the attunement and I felt a beautiful breeze of energy surrounding me. I trust I am now attuned to the prosperity symbol Midas very well


The attunement was really amazing. I felt extreme peace and calmness. Post the attunement, I had this smile attached to me and just cannot take it off. Thanks for this wonderful service sir.

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