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Gentle and Warm energy

Thank you Dr Prakash for passing on the Midas Star attunement. It was a gentle and warm energy and I’m looking forward to finding new ways of working with the symbol in the near future. I found the information pre and post attunement very informative and your energies are magical. I’m very happy to have found you to pass this symbol and its energies onto me. I highly recommend others to you to receive this gift. Namaste.

Karmen Nicolas

Midas attunement with Dr. Prakash

Jelena Radovanovic – Belgrade, Serbia

Midas attunement with Dr. Prakash was the first time I received a reiki attunement online, and I was surprised at how well it worked, I felt the energy flow like we were in the same room!

Dr. Prakash made it easy with his instructions, and I really responded to his own energy and kindness.

The attunement lasted about 20 min, during which I felt an abundance of wonderful, peaceful and powerful energy all around me and inside of me. Thank you Dr. Prakesh for this divine experience, and bless you and your work.

Jelena Radovanovic


Dear Dr. Prakash: My deep gratitude for giving me the initiation of the Midas Star. I am feeling full of good energies and feel that soon I will have improvements in my life. Namastê-

– Luciene


Nid Ra

Supportive and lovely man

Dr Prakash was very responsive & loving with the attunement. I followed the practice & noticed a shift within 4-5 days of the practice. After a week it eased, but if I consistently return to provide Reiki to the aspects of myself that limit my work then I find the Reiki healing with the midas symbol supports a shift in the energy and positive changes arrive quickly. Thank you so much for sharing this tool.

Carl Wright, Canada

Thank you!

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, again Dr. Prakash.
Intentional infinite Highest Divine Spiritual blessings to you and all involved.NOW always.

Carl Wright

Rafah Al Khayali – Damascus syria

Dear Dr Prakash ..
thank you very much for the attunement midas star .. it was a great experience i felt the golden energy surrounded me .. im very grateful . God bless u .


Constance English

A blessing and honor to receive the Midas attunement by Grandmaster Dr. Prakash

I am truly blessed and so grateful to have experienced receiving a session by Grandmaster Dr. Prakash. His instruction and guidance for receiving the Midas attunement was super clear and using video chat worked really well for the session. The reiki energy was phenomenal as if Dr. Prakash was in the same room doing the session. He is very genuine and honestly so amazing! The Midas attunement is transforming and so healing. I felt a shift immediately during the attunement process and experienced feelings of unconditional love, support and re -energized. Very very powerful. Thank you so much Grandmaster Dr. Prakash! You are a bright light, great teacher and great example of the Reiki ideals and principles. Many blessings to you and your family. God Bless!

Constance English

Awesome, thank you!!!….

Thank you so much Dr Prakash, todays experience was super intense. I was drenched in sweat 😳 I fell asleep for another hour after your attunement. Thank you so much for your time, and this blessing. I will use the information you sent me. ♥

— lillian dominguez

lillian dominguez

Simone Samraj


This morning I received my attunement to the MIDAS Star Symbol, and it was amazing.

Thank you, Dr. Prakash, for such a peaceful and successful session. The energy that I felt during the session was indeed very powerful and I am left feeling like a happy ball of golden energy..lol.

Dr. Prakash is warm and comfortable to work with, thank you for this wonderful gift.


Simone Samraj

Janice Chambers

My Prosperity Change Has Finally Come –

Eternal Gratitude to Grandmaster Dr. Prakash, for allowing me to be attuned to the Midas Star symbol. Just before the attunement, I felt a rush of energy so strong, I became “heady”. In that moment, I knew the attunement was moving forth. During the attunement, I was in so much peace, that I meditated. My hands began to tingle and more energy washed over me. I was in a meditative state for half and hour. I did not want to come out of it!

Grandmaster Dr. Prakash, I thank you, and the Universe is thanking you, for helping to change my level of prosperity. I have people that need financial assistance and healing; and now I will be able to bring about positive changes in their lives, too.

I am eternally grateful.


Janice Chambers, CA, USA

Janice Chambers
The Insurance Lady

Kait Boehm

Blessed to connect!

I would definitely recommend Dr Prakash for the Midas attunement, or any Reiki service. I enjoyed my Midas attunement very much and I could feel the energies flowing through me. Dr Prakash was very responsive and fast! He is definitely gifted and I am grateful to have found him like a needle in a haystack. Thank you Dr Prakash. Continue to spread your light throughout the world!!



Kait Boehm

Ana Montalvan

I received the MIDAS attunement from Dr. Prakash today and it was a beautiful experience. I really felt a wonderful connection to the divine and truly felt blessed. Thank you, Dr. Prakash, for such blessing and generosity. Dr. Prakash, you are a blessing to the world. Blessings.


Thank you so much for the session.It helped me a lot . You give a great service for the humanity!


Jola    http://www.biomassage.eu


Vinay Chaturvedi

From the core of my heart I thank Dr Prakash for his kind blessings today in the form of Midas Attunement blessed by him in the morning. I must say it was a wonderful and pleasurable experience that lasted for nearly half an hour even after the attunement was over. There was a surge of energy passing through every nook and corner of my body giving me eternal happiness all round. I thank Dr Prakash once again for his services to the mankind. Would ever remain debted.

Anand Venkatraman

I wish to thank Dr Prakash from the bottom of my heart for doing distance healing in order for me to get continuity in my job. I was very tense and his healing gave me a lot of peace and positivity and has given results as I have now landed a new contract. Thank you once again.

Tzagkaraki Ekaterini

The coordination or attunement (?) which I received from Dr was very good , powerful!! Clean, pure, nice energy!! I wanted to stay there for a very long time! A sense of security,protection and care!! Many Blessings in your life, according to plan, so be it !! I thank you a lot, dr.Prakash


I received the attunement and I felt a beautiful breeze of energy surrounding me. I trust I am now attuned to the prosperity symbol Midas very well


The attunement was really amazing. I felt extreme peace and calmness. Post the attunement, I had this smile attached to me and just cannot take it off. Thanks for this wonderful service sir.

Rachna Gagneja

Thankyou Sir for your sharing your experiences and guidance to improve my reiki skills. Thankyou for making attunment ceremony so beutiful. May you be blssed with manifold of divine energy that you are spredibg over to humanity. Feel proud being ur student. Deep gratitude to the beautiful soul residing within.

Mousumi Bag

Thanks Dr. Prakash for attuning me with the Midas Star. I clearly felt it and am grateful to you .

Hariom Dubey

It was a great experience taking Attunement of divine symbol MIDAS from Dr. Prakash I could feel all his hand position and energy vibrations during Attunement my whole body was vibrating during Attunement. I could feel energy showering on my body. I really si great full to Dr.sahab. May God bless him.

Pintilie Lucian – Adrian

Dear dr Prakash , thank you very much for the attunement . It was a great experience , as I expected . I felt the energy present from the beginning , having upon me the effect of calming and healing . After you sent me the Midas symbol , I perceived for a few seconds (with my eyes closed ) the overflow of a glowing golden light rain . Thank you Grandmaster dr Prakash for your understanding and your kindness . God bless you . With great respect , Lucian .



Thank you Dr. Prakash. My Midas Star attunement was a very peaceful experience. The feeling of peace remained for a couple of days. I’m feeling and seeing a strong connection to the energy of the Midas Star during my daily Reiki practice.

Minu Shaji

Thank you Dr. Prakash for attuning me for midas star & guiding me all the way right from the start to the end procedure of midas star attunement. Feel blessed to have received this symbol from u Sir from the bottom of my heart. God bless u & ur family. Minu shaji

Marie Padilla

Thank you Dr Prakash for your kindness and generosity in sharing your time and energy with me for the Midas attunement. Its been quite a long time since I’ve had such an experience. It was a sacred and powerful experience. I felt the strongest energy on my hands which I could still feel as of this writing. More power and blessings to you Dr Prakash for your service. Thanks again.


A wonderful warm experience of spirit and connection during my Midas star attunement with Dr Prakash , I need not have felt nervous of going on video call as I usually do , as he put me at ease straight away and instructions were clear and easy to follow. Thankyou so much for providing this service so generously.


The Midas Star attunement was wonderful and made me cry. Spirit guides came as well and sat next to me. It was such a sacred experience and the feeling is resonating within in me. Thank you so much, Dr. Prakash.


The Midas Star attunement was beautiful. There were also three of my other spirit guides present and it was a lovely feeling to just be hugged by grace. I still feel the effects of the session and am very grateful to Dr. Prakash

Pang Hong Seng

I felt so calm during and after the Midas star attunement. Thank you Dr Prakash for being so kind to me.

Kirandeep Uppal

It was it was amazing experience of divine power attunment. I never felt reiki power before. Thank you Dr.Parkash for your kindness

Ana Dugniene

When I got to sit down and closed my eyes I was feeling my heart is going faster and faster, like bird wanted to fly. I could see blue wind around me. It was wonderful! I was feeling comfort and relax. Then I became tearful. I could feel how You draw Midas Star symbol on my hands 3 times. It was amazing! I could see red fire colour, like fireplace on the my hands. Thank you very much Grandmaster Dr Prakash my Guru for this amazing experience and a practical understanding, knowledge of reiki.

Soni Talukdar

GRATITUDE AND PEACE TO YOU Dr Prakash ji. …….Thank you for the Midas Star Attunement today. …..great and wisdom day for me. ….let peace be restored for me and all……..sending reiki healing energy to all transcending SPACE and TIME in Universe and beyond. THANK YOU ALL

Michael Gray

Thank you Dr Prakash for your time and energy shared. I had missed such experiences; it is the most at ease I have felt in a long time. I hope our paths stays close. May God’s Love, Light and Blessings be with you always.


I am very grateful to Dr. Prakash for my Midas Attunement. He was very professional and scheduling the attunement was very easy. He found a time and date convenient for me and offered me different methods for me to choose. I felt powerful gold energy during the attunement and I am very excited about receiving this blessing.

Usha Veerapen

I had the Midas star attunement this Sunday. It was a great experience. I saw a great light while receiving the energy. I even saw different colors . It was really nice feeling. I could feel a great energy. Thank you so much

Anilkumar Chandrasekharan

It was a fantastic and marvelous experience of divine power and the Grand Master’s attunement power, which poured from the heavens upon my all Chakras. I never thought the distant attunement will give you such authenticity and reality. It’s purely His blessings. Thank you Grand Master Dr. Prakash Sir for your kindness and divinity. God bless you and all with abundance and prosperity.

Matejka Jerebic Ivancic

I`m grateful for Midas star attunement. I was looking for someone to attune me for 1/2 year on line. And than I have found you dr. Prakash. I`m was so happy. The attunement was really powerful. Thank you so much! I can`t wait to use it… Wish you all the best.

Katherine E. Paul

Thank you for blessing me with the Midas Star Attunement. I’m sorry i had audio problems. The energy was wonderful, and i saw violet and gold light when my eyes were closed. Tears were flowing the whole time. That seems to happen to me when I am in “spirit”. I AM grateful!!!


I received the Midas Star Attunement from Dr. Prakash and it was a wonderful experience. I felt positive energy all throughout my room and from my crown chakra all through my body. Thank you Dr. Prakash for this Attunement.

Aditi Jankiram Patil http:// www.lifekey.in

I am so grateful to Dr. Prakash for giving me Midas star money reiki attunement. I am really lucky to get connected to such a divine, spiritually evolved mentor. I am extremely happy to receive this attunement. I was so glad to get this relaxing calming powerful energy around me. I really experienced my room filled with bright light and uplifting energy. It was heavenly experience.

Beena Ranjit

Namaste Dr.Prakash, I just wanted to thank you so much for the wonderful attunement yesterday. Thank you so much for this blessing. It was certainly a powerful and personally experienced a higher and more intense energy flow. Once again thank you for this blessing. Regards Beena

Rohini Bose

While searching about the Midas star I came accross a site where Sir answered someone’s question about Midas star and also said that he can attune if someone wishes to.I was so overwhelmed that I contacted him immediately and finally had the attunement.It was wonderful.I could really feel the energy flowing in my hand.I was fully satisfied with it.Besides he is very humble and very helpful.I am very happy to recieve Midas Star attunement from him.I am looking forward to learn more from him.I highly recommend you people to do it.Thank you Sir and Pranaam.

Kabindra Kundua

I would like to thank Dr.Prakash for the guidance and attunement. He is really a Guru, who is not looking after money. Any one can contact him for reiki attunement.




Thanks a lot sir for help everyone who needs a divine symbol of MIDAS . I feel very lucky to attune MIDAS . you are able to change the life of every one who attuned MIDAS.thaks a lot.

Vijaya Sreekanta

Thanks so much, Dr. Prakash for attuning me for Midas star symbol! I was pleasantly surprised to see your prompt response. In spite of being so busy,you made sure I had all the instructions and also followed up after the attunement to make sure everything was fine. I am fortunate to get you as a guru. Thanks so much. Hope I am able to meet you in person to get more knowledge from you! Pranam!

Leena Dharwadkar

We are fortunate to have learnt Reiki from Dr. Prakash. We were very impressed by his humbleness, simplicity, dedication and selflessness. When he started teaching us, we could feel his powerful energy. We are very grateful to him for teaching us Reiki and are looking forward to learning the next step in Reiki from him! With gratitude, Manoj and Leena

Melissa Gervais-Smith

Hello Dr Prakash… That was a most beautiful and cherished experience! The energy was amazing. I am extremely grateful for your time and generosity! Thank you!

Tatiana Bojilova

I had my Midas symbol attunement with Grandmaster Dr.Prakash today, and I am deeply grateful for the experience. The process was well explained, all the steps contributed to the general goal of a profound spiritual experience.

Julie Ward

I can not thank Dr Prakash enough. I was attuned to the Midas Symbol recently and the energy felt during this attunement was amazing. Dr Prakash truly is an wonderful teacher. Love & light Julie x

Sanjay Mendiratta

Dear sir, Greetings!!!! Thanks for giving me your kind blessings while attunement of divine symbol Midas . i am really very blessed.your guidance is really very helpful and explained truly wonderful.true teacher thanks a lot.

Vimala, B’Lore

You have been a grt help to me thank you for your free sessions very few people are in world as good as you are keep doing the good work thank you for all your blessings and healing I feel so much more positive now thank you soo much for everything

Sonya khemlani

I felt so overwhelmed and blessed to have received my Divine Midas Star attunement today via a Skype call with Dr Prakash. The entire process was explained clearly and as soon as he started I immediately felt his energetic presence in my room. It was truly amazing, I have not experienced this before and felt love radiating all around me, truly humbling experience that moved me to tears! Dr Prakash’s gracious act of selfless giving to humanity through Reiki is genuine and sincere. I know I was divinely guided to contact Dr Prakash and that my Reiki journey is just beginning as he has a wealth of knowledge to impart to those who seek it. Will definitely remain in contact to enhance my spiritual growth. With gratitude and blessings, Sonya


Dear Master, I am so grateful to you for my Divine Midas Star attunement via Whatapps. Thank you for taking time to explain to me the whole process, the instructions were very clear and helped me prepare. It was an amazing and loving attunement, where i felt very peaceful and relaxed. I could actually feel the electric vibrations on my hands and i could feel your presence very strongly during meditative state! 🙂 It was truly a great spiritual experience and connection. Thank you so much for your generosity to humanity, for spreading light and love, for your selfless sharing of your invaluable knowledge, for being there, for giving hope and your sincere devotion and commitment. Thank you for being my Guru, and i am grateful for being guided by my angels and spirit guides to you. I wish you so much more abundance and prosperity in your life. God bless you. Regards, Minakshi

Sarah Lynn

Very grateful for the energy attunement, the steps were very clear to follow and I felt a strong change in energy and focus. So nice of Dr Prakash do do this for people.

Sandy Tan

Thanks to Grandmaster for the attunement! The energy was so strong i can feel it for hours. Will use it to heal myself and others. Thank you Grandmaster for your kindness, generosity & knowledge.

Rebekah Hall

Beautiful – Thank you so much – I felt the energy through the phone …..I will be back – X

Brandi Scarlet

Thank you immensely for the Midas Star attunement! It is so powerful. I am elated & grateful to use it in my daily practice. Thank you, Dr. Prakash!

Meera Jankee

Thank you for the wonderful Midas Star attunement. I am so grateful for being really blessed and having received this gift from Dr Prakash. As a teacher, he was very skilled and gentle to make sure that I was comfortable. I had a very intense experience during the initiation. Thank you again.

Richa Das

My journey with Reiki began some 22 years back when I completed the 2nd level of Reiki healing practice. This knowledge….this healing practice..has steadfast stood by me in my spiritual journey and has healed my family and friends many times. I have gained immensely from the guidance received whilst channeling the life force energy or Reiki through me. I had this compelling need to complete the Master level after so many years. Today I have been able to complete the Master level 3a of Reiki through a wonderful Grandmaster : Dr. Prakash Ramchandani. Heartfelt gratitude for the Love , Light and Guidance that I have received today . I am humbled and I am blessed.

Georgiana Radu http://www.carlosdaccarett.com

Feeling such gratitude is overwhelming. I do not know many people that are true on giving without the expectation of receiving. Today I had the pleasure to receive the Midas Symbol from one….Dr. Prakash thank you for the positive energy you bring to the universe and for sharing your gift with the rest of the world. God knows our planet needs this. If we could gather up all able and willing to send Healing Reiki energy to our planet and all living and non living things in it at the same time on the same day…..can you imagine what could happen? Could our united energy be strong enough to overcome the negative Karma? I truly believe so. Thank you Dr. Prakash and God Bless

Preeti Jhalani

I have been associated with reiki for long years, just recently completed my master’s level.As if by intuition,the universe guided me to the site of Dr Prakash and placed my request for attunement for midas symbol.I was pleasantly surprised to receive prompt response from him.The attunement was a profound experience n I felt the positivity for a long duration.Thank you so much guruji for the attunement and guiding me

Mrs. Laurie A Wright-Diaz

Dr. Prakash preformed the Midas Star Attunment on me. I am a Reiki Master Instructor. I had the time wrong on my end ?even though Dr. Prakash was specific. I still feel I received what I was expecting and am very grateful. I can personally see very clearly that Dr. Prakash is very gifted, very compassionate, giving, true to his word and even though I am a Reiki Master Instructor I still would like to follow Dr. Prakash in his teachings! What a gift you are to this world Dr. Prakash and I mean it! I see you clearly! In warmth and gratitude

Disha Patel

Thanks for Reiki first level attunement. It’s a great day cause I got free online attunement from Dr. Prakash. I am also thankful for reiki cause it chooses me to become medium of it. it was a good experience.

Lisa Watts

While surfing and searching on the internet I feel I was definitely guided as I was brought to Grand Master Prakash. I was intrigued immediately. I am a Reiki master and I have now received the Midas Star attunement on Skype and I could feel the energy and the blessing very clearly. I am truly grateful for this experience. Dr Prakash gave me. He was very detailed in his outline before of what to do so I was fully prepared. His manner is one that is calming, clear, and one of strong healing. I will look forward to future interactions and following your teachings. Thank you for all your time and energy in sharing the joy and special gift of Midas Reiki Dr Prakash, much gratitude in Love and Light


Thank you so much Dr Prakash for the Midas Star attunement today. It was such a powerful and moving ceremony. Your work is a true blessing to the world. I am truly grateful for you and all you do. Blessings.

Marcus Totok



I came across this page just reading about reiki as if I was made to find it in the current rough times that I’ve been experiencing. So grateful to him that the attunement was done perfectly well Even though over the phone with amazing guidance. Thank you dr Prakash for giving this attunement for free I honestly don’t think I’d have been able to even afford it otherwise. Lots of love and angel blessings to you


Dear Dr Prakash, My quest for furthering my knowledge in reiki guided me to your website and am extremely fortunate to have become acquainted with you . Please accept my heartfelt gratitude for the reiki attunement session… Your selfless service towards mankind through reiki is extremely commendable…. I have felt the renewed flow of energy and would like to follow your example in doing my part for the mankind. Thank you once again

Donnie Fernandez

I stumbled upon Dr. Prakash some how, some way, when I was researching for “Midas Star”. I believe finding him was no co-incident at all. My spiritual guides directed me to him due to my spiritual journey of healing and helping others. As a Reiki practitioner, Dr. Prakash attuned me for the Midas Star Symbol, in addition to what I was already attuned for from another Reiki Master. He is kind, helpful, and is willing to help you. What is inspiring about Dr. Prakash is that he never asked me for any kind of payment for the attunement. Although, he asked me to “give back” to the universe (I believe it’s to keep a good karma) in his behalf. Thank you again, Dr. Prakash….


Inspirational and sincere direct communication. Grandmaster Dr Prakash guided me in a way that motivated my Reiki blessing. I am thankful and grateful to him.

Juliana http://arthritis-homeopathy.com

Thank you Grandmaster Prakash for being ready to help. I received an attunement and it was not only pleasant but also ‘authentic’. I felt the attunement immediately. I am also very touched that Grandmaster Prakash seems to be a truly spiritual person, not one motivated by greed, unlike most other ‘spiritual’ people online. I made a token donation and I intend to follow his courses as well. I am happy to have found Grandmaster Prakash.

Amol Borikar

Thank you Grand Master Prakash Sir for your valuable time and attuning me to Divine REIKI Midas Star symbol… It was indeed a very enriching and pleasant experience. I am really thankful to you from the bottom of my heart.. I look forward to your valuable guidance and association in future.. Respect and Love.. Warm Regards, Amol Borikar

Alice Mahlangu

Thank you so much for the amazing healing experience that the Reiki attunement that was done for me last month. Prior to our session I had become very anxious and stressed out about my finances. I left my job to start a business with my spouse but things weren’t going according to plan. Since the attunement I feel more at ease and at my surprise Bill’s are being met and potential clients have been showing interest in us. I’m eternally grateful for having being guided to you.I’m optimistic about the future Our lives will never be the same. Our family relationship has improved. We are growing in love and prosperity. May God continue to bless you exceedingly.

Teena Ranka

I am so blessed to have found Dr Prakash a true gem of a person to come across.I got my 1st Reiki attunment frm him.It was a great session and I learnt a lot from him.Not to forget his wife u made me feel at home.If any1 has inclination to learn Reiki I would strongly recommend to contact Dr Prakash.A person with beautiful heart n who is also very selfless.love n warmth of his wife is not to b forgotten.For me he is my my Guru,my parent.I hope to learn more n more from him. Love U Sir,Teena

Krista A.

I asked Dr. Prakash to attune me to Midas Star by distance session. His willingness to help me so quickly surprised me 🙂 During the process he also balanced my chakras. Even right now, when I’m writing this testimonial, I feel like he is doing it again. Energy waves are all over me 🙂 I feel double-blessed! 🙂 Thank You so very much!

Anusha Akula

I have been taking healing sessions from Mr.Prakash (Papa as he is lovingly called by me) from past couple of weeks and the difference I see in myself is tremendous. I have become more cheerful happy and contended… And sure I am only on the way to be better every minute.. He is a miraculous healer. I was able to feel his physical presence during every single minute of the sessions I took with him… Such a lovely soul to be associated with! May God bless him with more power n energy in his pursuits of serving humanity through healing. I am sure I mean more than what I am able to express here…. 🙂

Shweta Arun More, Mumbai

The day 24th April 2016 is one of the memorable day, for an extremely positive approach of seeing my life and everything around me so beautifully. I am thankful to Disha Varma for suggesting me such a wonderful Reiki Grand master ”Dr. Prakash Ramchandani”, a genuine person with lot of positive energy. Sir, I am glad and thankful to you for being my Guru for the 1st degree course. I feel I am blessed as I connected with you as my Guru. May you and all the positive energies in the universe and around bless me and the entire human kind. Thank you again! God Bless….


I’m so incredibly grateful to have found Dr. Prakash. He has selflessly performed distance healing for me whenever I’ve requested it and in general is such a calming, kind, and encouraging soul. I hope to keep learning from him and think this website is such a wonderful gift.

DD Mishra

Republic day well spent!!! I am extremely happy to have spend republic day 26 Jan 2016 in pune , learning Reki level-2 with Dr. Prakash Ramchandani . He is certified grand master and a excellent teacher . This is the first time we have met but Dr prakash and his wife made us (me and my husband )feel at home and it felt like we know each other for ages just like a extended family . Such pure n friendly environment helps in learning efficiently ,as we become more receptive to the teacher and surroundings and grasping power increases . That’s how I felt . It was a great session and I learned a lot from his experiences . Reiki is about exploring self being as the most powerful energy centre that God has created . It helps us being aware of our purpose in life and how we should improve our karma and become a selfless human being who is sensitive to each and every creation of God . There is much more to it , and I have to still learn further levels from Dr. Prakash . If anyone has the inclination to learn Reki , I would recommend that you must contact Dr Praskash . Excellent human being and very selfless . And not to forget Simi mam his wife for all the love and warmth and great food … It was worth travelling to pune ! Thank you Sir … Stay blessed

Anahita Jagtiani Clare

I was undergoing severe emotional trauma due to the physical abuse my husband was inflicting on me. I requested Dr. Ramchandani to send me energy healing. After three sessions I noticed our relationship was improving and the abuse had stopped. Thank you so much for all the help Dr. You are a very kind soul. I will continue to request energy healing.

Patricia Anderson

I received free 30 minutes Reiki sessions on phone for three days and actually saw miraculous results in my relationship problems. Simply Awesome ! Will definitely learn Reiki from Dr Prakash when I come to Pune next. He is such a generous and compassionate Guru so rare to find these days.


Dr. Prakash sent healing EVERY TIME I asked and after about 1 week my severe speech delayed son started calling me mama!! I cried such tears of joy and Dr. Prakash is kind enough to continue with us. Have faith and try for yourself. 🙂

Karishma, Singapore

I came to know about Dr. Prakash Ramchandani quite providentially 3 weeks ago.

At that time, I was in a very low place emotionally and spiritually. I was confused and unhappy. I knew meditation was a way out but could not even start. I had lost touch with my Reiki practice, initiated 10 years ago, with another master. Dr. Ramchandani so graciously offered to do long distance healing for me for 3 days and then one long session on Skype, where he took me through the whole reiki meditation and aura cleansing again. I must mention here that 3 days into his Reiki healing, I synchronistically got in touch with a meditation group that had started a 21-day meditation program. This coincided with the 21 days that Dr. Prakash advised me to do reiki self-healing to restart my Reiki practice.

When before, I never got the energy or willpower to do anything, today I have successfully been doing both the Reiki self-healing and meditation 21 days in a row! I truly believe it is because of all the positive energy that Dr. Prakash channeled to me.

After all this effort and time, he refused to accept any financial reward and only requested I make a donation to a place of worship on his behalf! How many people can we meet that give so selflessly of their time, energy, knowledge, and resources? I am grateful to my reiki angels and masters for putting me in touch with Dr. Prakash and back on the reiki and meditation path!

Thank you so much, Dr. Prakash…the world needs more of you!

Jane Robinson

Dr. Prakash is not only kind, thoughtful and generous but his distant healing is extremely effective. I have tried numerous treatments for my long-term chronic illness with no relief. However, after just a few sessions with Dr Prakash, I have improved significantly and can enjoy parts of life again. He has given me hope and I thank him from the bottom of my heart.


Prakash is a father figure.i have not come across such a compassionate and selfless person before. I stumbled upon this site3 months back and it has changed my life for good. I have learnt reiki 1 level and he was very thorough in the teaching. He has never said no to my any request for reiki healing.and whenever he has given reiki healing my health has shown significant improvement. I wish to learn reiki2 as well as the masters level from him in near future.He is just a god sent angel I would say. Thank you sir.

Mary Vance Smith

My brother was in the intensive care in Hospital Sao Francisco Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro Brazil. He has severe respiratory problems and the leukocytes in his blood are too high. After receiving free distant Reiki healing from Dr Prakash he has shown some improvement and the leukocytes in his blood which were very high are slowly coming to a lower level. The doctor told me it should go down to 10. Thank you very much for the healing light of Reiki

Rikke V. Olesen

I highly highly recommend Dr. Prakash!! I have tried a lot of reiki healings earlier in my life – but I NEVER tried anything as strong as the healing of Dr. Prakash. It is truly amazing!!! After just one distance healing my whole body is affected, I feel so much more present than I ever have before – I FEEL my body in a much better way. It is a REAL gift, and I am so grateful that I don´t even know how to express it!

Amit Jain, Pune

Firstly, I would like to mention that true reiki can be provided only by a loving heart that cares and a wonderful being that wants to serve, a person can only offer what he has.And Mr Prakash is a wonderful human being who feels for others and helps them unconditionally through reiki and guided meditation, unlike hordes of charlatans or quick money makers. He was kind and patient enough to listen to me and guide me. A wonderful person to learn and get healed from. God bless the soul that serves the others.

E. Dominguez

Thank you for being a conduit for reiki healing. I felt a balm of clarity and tranquility. I was even asked in class if I’d been on vacation. My co-host mentioned that my face looked relaxed. thank you again and many blessings to you Dr. Prakash for providing this service.

Alexia, Brazil (Writer, Poet, Holistic Therapist) http://http://elaporinteira.blogspot.com.br

Thank you ever so much! After receiving your distance Reiki I feel a sense of wholeness and bliss within myself. The emotional trauma that I asked be cleared was gently and lovingly cleared. I feel so fluid, so very blessed.

Rakesh Srivastava, Xylo Technologies, Pune

I am blessed to have come across this website and contacting Dr Prakash. He is a perfect Reiki Guru. I learnt my first degree in Reiki and Accupressure from him; which has changed my life for the better and I feel a lot of positivity in me. I would strongly recommend his teaching to anyone searching for a perfect Guru who is truly genuine beyond monetary gains.

Radhika, London

I had basic knowledge of Reiki and was looking for more guidance so I could treat my son’s study related depression. I searched in google and found the website of Dr Prakash. At the outset, he made me feel welcome and offered his help without any commercial expectations. He has been teaching me many advanced steps and has helped treat my son. He is always available and offers his help wholeheartedly whenever I need his guidance. I have interacted with many other Reiki teachers but find Dr Prakash to have exceptional Reiki powers. I feel very privileged and lucky to have found a guru like Dr Prakash. I wish god to provide him more spiritual powers so he could help the humanity and spread the teachings of Reiki

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