A Visit to Isha Foundation, Coimbatore

Isha Foundation, Coimbatore




Isha Foundation is a non-profit and spiritual organization founded by Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev in 1992. It has over 200 branches and Ashrams all over the world.

The Isha Foundation offers a number of programs of which “Isha Yoga” is famous.

For more information on all programs schedules visit THIS SITE

The information covered here is generally pertaining to the Isha Yoga Center, Velliangiri Hills, near Coimbatore, India. The details are on their website.

This write-up will guide first-time visitors to plan casual day visits or attend the special sessions and programs (4 to 10 days) at the center from time to time.


The Isha Yoga Centre is in the foothills of the Velliangiri Mountains amidst very scenic surroundings which has pristine hills with thick virgin forest and abundant wildlife. Sadguru Jaggi personally selected the coordinates of this location. These are based on strong earthly vibrations that make it an ideal place for practicing yoga for attaining inner transformation.

Here is the location of Isha Foundation Coimbatore on Google Maps

The Isha Yoga Centre is located about 40 km away from Coimbatore airport in the Vellingiri Hills and would take about 1 hour and 20 minutes by taxi to reach. The rate of taxies varies as per the time of the day and is generally around RS 1200/-

For those traveling by train or bus, it is about 30 kilometers from the railway station and the bus stand and takes almost an hour to reach. The buses cost a sum of Rs 40/- per head and have a good frequency. The timings of the buses are as above.


The weather is perfect all through the year but it is very convenient during the months from October to March when it is very pleasant.


in case you want to book accommodation, you can see the status and availability on the Isha Foundation website.

At times, the status given on the website does not have a update therefore you should call up Isha Centre at Phone – +91-422 251 5345 and check out the availability.  Only after confirmation of your query, you should write a mail to them and you will get an accommodation form which you can fill out and send back by email. Payment is on arrival at the reception.

The accommodation is AC and Non AC. It is highly affordable and includes meals (twice a day). The rates are as per the website mentioned above.


The priority for accommodation is to those attending some special program. Allotment to others is for a duration not exceeding 5 days. This is a reason you will find almost no vacancy when you check availability online.

Planning a visit/stay

Adiyogi Statue
Photo Courtesy: Sherya Thakur
Places of Interest:

Adiyogi Statue

The Naga Hall

The Dhyanalinga temple complex

The Surya kund and chandrakund

The Bhavani temple

Map of Isha Yoga Centre, Isha Foundation, Coimbatore

The two Sadhana Halls in the Dhyanalinga temple complex are the venues for Daily free meditation and 30 min yoga classes.

Arrival and Reception

There are two receptions. One is basically an information kiosk for day visitors and is located at the entrance immediately after the ‘Sarpa Vasal’ (the main gate).

The other is the main reception center for those who have accommodation or special program booking. The guards at the main gate guide visitors to take the route via the entry from the forest road going around the Isha Centre.

All the paperwork and formalities, including payments, for your stay take place at the reception center. You also get a two-page pamphlet giving the map as well as the activities chart.

Special identity cards (depending upon your program) and wristbands (for those having bookings only) will also be given which will enable you to move freely in the entire campus.

Car Parking

For those coming by self-driven cars, there are two parking- one for casual day visitors and the other for those staying on campus. They are both free of cost and are quite safe.

Volunteering for Service

If you plan to stay, you can also do it as a volunteer for a longer duration (which is free); and your stay will be arranged in the dormitories especially designed for this purpose. You will be assigned tasks based on your capacity and desire.

Other visitors staying in the booked cottages for a few days can also volunteer by giving their details on arrival at a special desk set up for this purpose.

Special/Additional Activities

Besides the regular activities, there are many special activities that are planned almost on a daily basis. Special prayers and programs are held on full moon and new moon days. They are regular programs of AUMkar Initiation, Isha UpYoga, and Isha Kriya which are open to all. You can also witness Nada Aradhana at the Dhyanalinga temple complex twice a day.

The details of various special programs that last 4 days to a few weeks are given on their official website.


For casual visitors on day visits, there are many other food options like the foundation-run “Peppervine Eatery” (inside the campus near the Dhyanalinga complex) which serves a large variety of delicious items at a very reasonable price.

There is also an eatery before entering the main complex gate, besides many fast food kiosks. You can also buy the Prasadam for Rs 20 at the entrance.

The major attractions for the first-time visitor are-

1. Adiyogi Shiva Statue

The 112.4 ft Adiyogi statue is a km away outside the main gate and is generally the place you should visit first.

It was conceived by Sadguru with the aim of inspiring and promoting yoga. The term “Adiyogi” translates to “the first yogi,” signifying Shiva’s role as the teacher of yoga to his seven disciples, which ultimately led to the inception of yoga.

Once you step through the iconic “Sarpa Visal” main entry gate, adorned with intricate etchings of snakes, you will immediately come across the information center. Here, you can gather all the essential information required for your visit.

Within a mere 100 yards from the reception area, you’ll find a dedicated complex where you are required to deposit your footwear. Following this, you can proceed to explore the various attractions in the prescribed sequence:

er –

2. Naga Hall and Surya Kund (for men only)

Here men can do Yoga and take the holy dip in a huge pond where there is flowing water from the artificial spring and 3 Shiv linga in the center.

A similar Theerthakund (holy dip) is there for ladies too which is called Chandrakund and is located in the premises of the Dhyanalinga temple complex.

In order to enhance the effect of meditation, one can take a dip in the Suryakunda (for males) or Chandrakund (for females). These Theerthakunds are energy pools that are supposed to melt away your karmic blocks.

3.   Linga Bhairavi Temple

On the left of the Dhyana Linga, you’ll find the entrance to the Bhairavi temple. This path spans a distance of 150 yards and leads you past an intricately crafted monolithic Trimurti Panel. This panel vividly portrays the three indispensable qualities for the inner growth of humans: Rudra, Hara, and Sadashiva.

Situated in the left corner is the Linga Bhairavi Temple, a divine feminine manifestation. For a deeper understanding of its significance and the proper procedures for prayers (Aarti), you can also avail yourself of the opportunity to watch an audiovisual presentation available in multiple languages.

Linga Bhairavi is specifically dedicated to enhancing material well-being and promoting individual health. The temple welcomes visitors from 6:30 am to 01:20 pm and again from 4:20 pm to 8:20 pm, operating all seven days of the week.

The Aarti Ceremony

Speaking of the Aarti ceremony, it holds immense significance. This worship ritual is thrice a day at 7:40 am, 12:40 pm, and 7:40 pm. Open to the public, the Aarti lasts for approximately fifteen minutes and is a truly unmissable experience.

As you continue your exploration in a clockwise manner, you will soon encounter the Chandra Kund – a holy bath area for women. Interestingly, adjoining the bathing facilities are the Suryakund and Shandrakund. To access the pools, you’ll need to don the attire provided by the temple, which comes at a nominal cost of Rs 20. Notably, there are dedicated halls to safely store your valuables without any charge.

Isha Foundation Special programs 

1. Inner Engineering Workshop

This is a 3-7 day intensive program, in a traditional class setting as well as online. Hence, you get the opportunity to re-engineer yourself through the inner science of yoga. Guided meditations and the Shambhavi –Mahamudra practice.

2. Hatha Yoga  

This is a 21-day residential program

3. Yoga for children

4. Uyir Nokkam

This is a simple yet powerful yogic practice by Sadhguru to make our body, mind, emotions, energies, and the five elements within us, function for our well-being.

The format of the program is 2 hours a day for 3 days. Trained teachers under the guidance of Sadhguru carry out this program.

Advanced Programs of Isha Foundation

Shoonya Intensive – Conducted as a 4-day residential program.

Bhava Spandana – An Explosion of Blissfulness, is a 4-day advanced meditation program. It provides the opportunity to go beyond the limitations of body and mind and experience higher levels of consciousness. It is only after initiation into Shambhavi Mahamudra.

Samyama – This is a residential program and participants spend 7 days in complete silence with long hours of intense meditation.

Hatha yoga teacher training certificate program

This is a 21-week intensive in-house program.

Besides these, there are also many other programs. Generally, they coincide with occasions in line with Hindu ritualistic practices. The foundation places the information regularly on its official website.

Isha Foundation conducts similar activities in other centers around the world too. You can attend the same after checking out at THIS SITE.

For more information or clarification, feel free to write to me.

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