Using Crystals for Healing and Tranquility

Using Crystals for Healing

The use of Crystals for Healing has always fascinated humanity. There are clear indications of the use of crystals that date thousands of years back since ancient civilizations when these were used for various rituals. 

They have the qualities that help in the release of physical spiritual and mental blockages.

The logic of the working of crystals is quite simple.

Since they have micro-organic atomic structures in fixed geometric shapes they have unique earthy vibrations which are in sync with the vibrations of all living things. 

Using Crystals for Healing can transform your entire life. The significance of placing the crystals next to your body is to reconnect you to the earth’s healing energies. 

Every crystal has a unique vibration because of its unique lattice structure. Therefore you need to take a lot of care while placing the intent and ensure that the vibrations match with that of the relevant Chakra. The energies thus generated are in synchronization. When wrongly used they can have the opposite vibrations (which may cause more harm).

Here is a list of certain common Crystals for Healing  –
  1. Quartz crystal – these are generally the Master Crystals for Healing as they are the most abundant presence in the earth and affect optimal health by providing your body the balance and clarity of thought.
  2. Bloodstone – This crystal energizes the living cells and is used as a purifier or a detox. By such an action it gives your energy levels a boost.
  3. Smoky Quartz – breaking the negative ties that are not letting you go. It works in the background and you would not even realize when such negative influences vanish from your life.
  4. Rose quartz – who doesn’t know about this? Of course, it is everything that relates to love. Use it carefully though because it has the power to attract even someone we do not want!
  5. Turquoise – the master healer. You should use it as a protective shield against negative energies.
  6. Carnelian – keep this next to your heart Chakra if you are creative but not getting the recognition that you deserve. It shows results within in about a week and restores your confidence in your abilities.
  7. Celestite – this is the ultimate stress buster. Keeping it in your vicinity brings tranquility and peace.
  8. Citrine  – For use in purification of the surroundings and manifestation of desires
  9. Shungite – clears the negative energies in the surroundings and is generally not used alone.
  10. Aventurine – this is never used alone but generally used with clear quartz to open new vistas and opportunities. It is a must for all those who are seeking jobs to looking for a change in their profession.

However, it is recommended that before you Using Crystals for Healing, get them charged from a good reiki practitioner.  Also, keep an eye on the results for about a week and continue/discontinue thereafter as per the results that you notice.


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