Crystal Healing Diploma Course

Crystal healing

What Will You Learn?

In this comprehensive and exciting course, you learn all that you need to know as a crystal healer. You will learn about the power of the most common crystals and the modalities of how to use them.
You will learn various methods of healing with crystals, and their use in daily life.

Various Modules

During this crystal healing training that lasts over three days there are 16 modules as given below-

Day 1 (Basic)

Module 1 – Introduction covering the brief history of the use of crystals and a guide on the terminology used to describe crystals.
Module 2 – How crystals grow. Their formations, sizes, and shapes. How color alters their healing properties.
Module 3 – How to clear and cleanse the stones. How to activate them, and methods of attunement, programming, and making intent.
Module 4 – Taking care of the crystals, with guidance on storage. Understanding grounding, activating, and centering the crystals.
Module 5 – Understanding of crystals, and the common gemstones used in healing. Knowledge of their healing attributes and associated properties, and co-relation with other energy healing disciplines.

Day 2 (Intermediate)

Module 6 – Combining crystals healing with acupressure, Reiki, palm-reading, tea-cup reading, numerology, and astrology.
Module 7 – Crystal Healing and chakra balancing, and aura scanning.
Module 8 – Clearing cords and karmic connections, and learning to repair energy blockages.
Module 9 – Introduction to laser wands and their use in healing. Also quartz healing and balancing methodology.
Module 10 – Advanced crystal techniques, crystal patterns, and crystal grids. Introduction to past-life healing using crystals, self-healing, with positive affirmations.

Day 3 (Advanced)

Module 11 – Amplifiers with intensifying techniques. Distance healing with crystal grids. Creation of healing essences, and elixirs using crystals.
Module 12 – Advanced healing modalities using dowsing.
Module 13 – Crystal journeying, and astral travel.
Module 14 – Programming stones and crystals for specific color energy work. This module also discusses ethical practices, contra-indications, and overcoming a healing crisis.
Module – 15 – Overview of the meridians, principle of Kundalini, and evolution of the spirit. Considerations while working as a crystal healer.
Module 16 – Specifics of how to go about conducting a crystal healing session.

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