Symbols are Secret

With the advent of the internet and social media we find a plethora of knowledge about Reiki symbols, their significance and their meanings. Do a search on Google and you will find details about how to draw and use these symbols.

As a reiki practitioner you are bound to come across people who ask “should Reiki symbols be made public or kept secret?”

There are mixed reactions to this from reiki Masters as well as from the students. 

Opinions on Should Reiki Symbols be made Public?

While opinions differ on this subject, and you may feel drawn to the symbols, what is given here is strictly my own view based upon the traditional Reiki practices. 

What Does the Reiki Tradition Say?

Symbols are Keys that Open the Unknown

As far as history goes, Dr. Mikao Usui was quite clear that the Reiki symbols are confidential and sacred, and therefore should be passed on from the Reiki Master to their students during initiation and attunement process only.

Most of the Reiki Masters agree that symbols by themselves do not have any power and are merely the keys to project and help in magnifying your intent.

Changing and conflicting Views

The traditional view was in vogue when there were hardly any books or videos available about Reiki. Now that we are living in the world of information technology everything seems to be changing. Add to it the consumerism and the desire to accumulate wealth and you come across many people sharing the knowledge and the hidden secrets openly just to earn easy money.

Reiki, unfortunately, is available on sale these days. With the personal worth shifting from within, to how others see us,  displaying symbols as stickers on cars, tatoos, apparel, and other objects has become a norm. 

Many uninitiated persons pretend to be Reiki practitioners and try to impress others without practicing Reiki or understanding the true worth of these symbols.

When we display the Reiki symbols it not only dilutes their potency but also, in my opinion, show disrespect to Dr. Mikao Usui, the founder of Usui Reiki, who viewed them as sacred and kept them behind the closed doors, ensuring that only serious Reiki Practitioners have the access to them.

Finer Drawbacks: Should Reiki Symbols be made public?

  • There is a risk of incorrect use.
  • Amounts to a lower “quality control” on the healing by Reiki.
  • Nothing substantial is achieved by displaying the symbols unless you really practice Reiki seriously.
  • It is against the tradition and the practice of Usui Reiki Shiki Rhoyo.
  • If you make them public you deny someone the  opportunity of experiencing the magic and mysticism associated with the Reiki attunements

Opinions will obviously differ but do give it a thought while considering should Reiki Symbols be made public. 

If you truly value the sacredness of Reiki, you must not make these symbols public’s unless you are initiating or passing down attunements to seriously interested people who wish to become Reiki practitioners petitioners.

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