REIKI: How to Achieve Prosperity 

REIKI: How to Achieve Prosperity 

We all want to be comfortable with a lot of money. Therefore, we strive to have better jobs and look for better opportunities that take us forward.

While this may be common for most of us, you will see that many people living in similar circumstances and with similar desires follow two completely different paths and destinies. While one of them achieves prosperity, abundance, and success, the other may not reach even halfway through.

Why is it so?

This is because of the mindset and the way we tend to look at our lives.
Given the same set of circumstances how we adapt to varies from person to person. For example, consider two people having middle-level jobs with mediocre pay scales and almost the same family commitments. One of them thinks, “oh my God! I hate this job, it is so mediocre and the pay is so less.  It is so difficult to manage. How will I pay my bills?  How will get all want? How to get more so that I get all the Comforts? How will I make my children and my family happy?”

He gets depressive thinking all this.

At the same time, the other person thinks- “Thank God! Despite the recession, at least I have this job that gives me a decent salary with which I can meet my family’s requirements. At least I have good health”. He then goes about mixing with co-workers, making new friends and increasing his circle of acquaintances. He does it naturally and offers his help in whatever manner he can, in case he finds someone who needs it.
So what is the difference between the two?

Everything being equal, one of them becomes depressive and thinks of negative things. Therefore he does not make any progress because of negative thoughts that pull him down or maybe even make him introvert; while the other, because of his acceptance, take positive steps in life to make more and more people happy around him and also to progress well in his own job.

It goes without saying that the second person will get much more and will have more happiness in life. The contentment factor for not only him but also others around him is bound to be influenced by his positivity.

What we just saw in these two examples is how positive affirmations work and how your own attitude to life can change things around you.  It is very important to have a positive outlook and be thankful for the small things that we have.

This little story goes to show how we think and what we think makes a lot of difference in how we will make progress in our life, and achieve success or failure.

Remember – if you have the right attitude and a sense of gratitude towards what you have, you shall get more and more. And conversely, in case you lack these qualities. Then even what you have which you may have taken for granted, would be taken away.

Reiki is a natural resource that uses these very qualities that help you overcome all difficulties in life and keep you in a state where you can manifest the best of things. The only factor that you have to keep in mind is to be grateful at express your gratitude for what you have.

Therefore, the attitude of gratitude forms the first of the five principles of Reiki. This combined with positive affirmations at the time of practicing Reiki play a big role in getting you what you desire. While seeing your affirmations you have to be very careful in wording them so that they are positive in nature and do not harm anyone in any manner.

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God Bless…..

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