Importance of Chanting Reiki symbols

Chanting Reiki Symbols

The Importance of Chanting Reiki symbols is one of the least emphasized aspects by Reiki practitioners these days. Little wonder then that many new students get disillusioned by the results obtained by them.

Therefore to start with, it is important to know that Chanting Reiki symbols can bring about amazing Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual changes in your life.

What is Chanting?

Chanting Reiki Symbols

Chanting is a common phenomenon in all cultures. The repetition of certain syllables and sounds is not just something that is ritualistic in all religions but has a much deeper and sublime meaning that is aimed at the union of our souls with the cosmos.

What does Chanting Reiki symbols Involve?

As the chanting of mantras, changing the sacred Reiki symbols takes no great skill or effort. All it requires is the practice, sincerity, and intention of the practitioner. However, they should be attempted only after the processes of Attunement to these symbols have taken place.

Understanding the Chanting of Reiki Symbols

As brought out earlier, these symbols are like the mantras that project the intent of the subconscious mind.
A Mantra essentially constitutes a sound or group of words that create spiritual and psychological vibrations when repeated. (It is obtained from the words Man=mind and Trang=projection/waveform as is defined in the Hindu scriptures.)

When chanted repeatedly, they penetrate deep into our subconscious and bridge our connection with the supreme creator.

Advantages of Chanting Reiki Symbols

  • Reiki Symbols are the keys to the manifestation of positive intent. They harmonize our intention in line with cosmic good and well being of the universe.
  • They serve as the keys to the transcendence of our thought and unites our soul with the creator for the larger intended good.
  • Chanting these sacred symbols repeatedly builds up a frequency shift that resonates with the vibrations of our intent at the subconscious level, and prepares the healer for transmitting the powerful chi of the universe; akin to a laser beam, to have the desired effect.

A serious practice of Reiki involves equally serious drawing and chanting of the sacred symbols. Unfortunately, not many practitioners do that.

Consequently, they do not achieve the desired results.

For more information on the use of Reiki symbols and other situation-specific mantras that have to power being about unprecedented benefits in your life, feel free to get in touch with Dr. Prakash.

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