Origins of The Midas Star

origins of midas star

The Origins of The Midas Star in Usui Reiki goes, are found in Shechem Reiki and Karuna Reiki. It is a potent symbol that transcends the realm of mere financial gain and unlocks true prosperity, bringing abundance in all aspects of your life. This symbol, inspired by King Midas’ legendary touch, promises not just overflowing wealth, but also success, harmonious relationships, and a life of fulfillment.

Origins of The Midas Star

Unlike traditional Reiki, Schechem Reiki and Karuna Reiki incorporate additional symbols like the Midas Star. These advanced lineages fell that true wealth extends far beyond material possessions. This can also be practiced in Usui Reiki but only after the Level 2 (preferably only in Level 3) as symbols are not a part of Usui Reiki Level 1.

Harnessing the Midas Star’s Power

The Midas Star offers practical applications to enhance your life. Visualize the symbol while meditating on abundance, or incorporate it into your affirmations. For a more direct approach, draw the symbol on checks or financial documents you intend to manifest wealth upon. Remember, wealth isn’t just about money; it’s a tool to empower you and create a positive ripple effect in the world.

Midas Star in Feng Shui

The world of Feng Shui too embraces the Midas Star’s potency. Each element corresponds to specific colors, shapes, and seasons:
Water: Black and deep blues. It symbolizes flow and is associated with winter.
Wood: Green and brown. It signifies growth, rebirth, and spring.
Fire: All shades of red. Fire represents intensity, warmth, and the summer season.
Earth: Earth tones and yellow hues. It’s at the center of the bagua, essential to other elements, and has no specific season.
Metal: White, metallics, and pastels. Metal represents strength and vitality.
These elements interact in cycles, influencing our surroundings and personal energy12.

Here’s how to integrate it into your environment:

  • Green for Growth: Paint the Midas Star in green and place it in your career area to energize professional success. Green represents growth, symbolizing the upward trajectory you desire.
  • Gold for Wealth: Activate your home’s wealth sector by painting the Midas Star in gold. Gold, associated with prosperity, attracts financial abundance.

Harmony with the Ba Gua

The Ba Gua, an eight-sided energy map in Feng Shui, offers a deeper dive. Each area corresponds to specific elements and colors. By aligning your environment with these energies using the Midas Star in the corresponding colors, you can foster prosperity in specific aspects of life.

Embrace Your Golden Touch

The Midas Star empowers you to approach life with intention, transforming mundane moments into opportunities brimming with potential. As you draw the symbol, envision not just financial security, but the richness of your spirit and the positive impact you can create. Let prosperity flow freely, and may your touch leave a legacy of abundance for yourself and all those around you.

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