Learning Reiki

Who Can Learn Reiki?

Learning Reiki is independent of other factors like age, religion, individual capacity for meditation, etc. All it needs is compassion and the attitude to help others. It does even take much training or years of practice. In reality, it is passed directly from the Reiki master to his/her student by the process of attunement. One can relate it to something like a spark that can light a raging fire (or get extinguished in not given the right conditions). Therefore learning Reiki and getting attunement from a good Reiki Master is most important. 

A good Reiki master develops in you a feeling of being directly connected to the creator’s love and protection.

The Importance of Reiki Attunement

Reiki Training and Attunement

Strictly speaking, unlike the other healing techniques, Reiki is not “taught” in the classical style. It is passed to the pupil during the attunement process by the Reiki Master. Learning Reiki involves opening major chakras and connecting the student with the source of Reiki. 

Therefore, the attunement ceremony is an all-important event that delivers a unique spiritual experience. 

The Reiki Master channelizes the spark of divine Reiki energies into the student as guided by the supreme-consciousness. He/she also calls upon the spiritual guides and masters to assist in implementing the subtle process. 

It is common for students to feel the energy and have some divine, mystical experiences like intuitive messages, visions, and psychic guidance.

Reiki attunement is once in a lifetime phenomenon. Once attuned, you carry the spark of Reiki throughout your life. Therefore it implies that even if you stop practicing Reiki owing to any reason, you can re-start whenever you are up to it. You do not need to refresh the attunement. Usually, every level of Reiki involves one attunement, but certain masters do more, which enhances the flow and brings added benefits. 

The Reiki attunement is related to your aura (or spiritual) body, which in turn affects your physical body bringing in the cleansing of your body, mind, and spirit. 

Prerequisites for Reiki Attunement

There are no restrictions on Learning Reiki. Following a spiritual, spartan way of life helps in improving the skills and getting better results. It is good to follow the path of Yama and Niyama, which magnify the attunement energies and create more inclusive benefits for you.

  • Consume only vegetarian food at least three days before the attunement.
  • Have more water and try fasting one day before the attunement.
  • Refrain from stimulants like tea, coffee, substance, alcohol, or tobacco minimum of three days before the attunement.
  • Meditate, do prayers, and read good scriptures for a week, which will create a sacred space within you.

Dr. Prakash uses the Traditional Usui system for the attunement process during the first two levels. The subsequent levels involve a blend of Karuna, Tera Mai, and Usui techniques, which creates a more powerful connection with Reiki. This process has evolved after years of individual research and is more powerful, as it delivers a spectrum of attunement energies.

Reiki involves gaining a heightened awareness of the energy of creation and complements other healing systems and spiritual traditions. To develop your perception and knowledge of Reiki,  all you need is the resolve to do regular practice, find a good reiki master, and practice it as much as possible.

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