How to Set Our Intentions

How to Set Our Intentions

What Is An Intention?


Intentions can be for just about anything- getting a brand-new job, a new relationship, finding a career that you desire, developing healthier habits, or manifesting the wealth that you want.


An intention is an idea or a plan that you propose to carry out. It takes shape by your starting to “informing” the Universe/Higher Power about something you mean to do or create in your consciousness. 

Note that I deliberately chose the term “informing” the universe and not “asking.” While asking for anything you desire is also fine, but when you are informing or telling, setting an intention becomes more powerful and effective. It amounts to using powerful and result-oriented statements like- “This is going to happen.” In doing so, your commitment to creating the sort of environment you want is firmly cemented.

Creating intentions is a powerful exercise, and is the first step in Manifesting.

How to Set Our Intentions  


In simple terms, creating an intention is as simple as saying, “I am going to ________”, and fill in space with whatever you require to create in your life. 


As a simple cause-effect phenomenon, creating an intention results in creating a space that the Universe ought to fill, which results in manifesting it!


What we need to assume about how to set our intentions is the fact that our intentions are reflected in our vibrational state. They significantly alter our “vibes” and enhances who we are.


Our intentions also set the tone for what we attract, how we behave, and how our future life is going to be. 


Setting an intention assumes even more importance in energy healing, as it aligns and channelizes the energies that we put to work. It sets the course of energy to shift accordingly and paves the way for our intention to evolve. 


When to Set Our Intentions


In energy healing practices like Reiki, the recipient as well as the practitioner need to set their intentions at the beginning of the session. 


For other manifestations, there is no thumb rule about when to set our intentions. You can do as per the requirement – daily for long term goals and a few days for a short term goal (like doing well in an interview, exam, etc). 

How to Set Our Intentions


Some Suggestions on How to Set Our Intentions


Be Specific and Clear


The Universe accomplishes results more quickly for you if your intentions are clear. For example, affirming “I am going to get some wealth,” is not as effectual as- “I am receiving X quantity of cash for my effort, by the end of this month.” 

Thereafter, believe that what you get and accept the fact that what you receive will invariably be what is for your greatest good.


Finish Your Intention By Adding, “…Or Better.” 


Often we don’t even know what is most suitable for us but the Universe does. By adding “…or better” to your intention, the Universe will give you more than what you’ve mentioned if it is better for you.


Do Not Make Negative Statements of Intent 


Never state what you DO NOT want as it doesn’t help as the universe is tuned to give unconditionally and negative terms are not registered by it. E.g. Instead of saying, “I don’t want a spouse who snores loudly,” you can reframe this to, “I want a spouse who a calm sleeper.”


Take Positive Action


Having set your intention for a dream job, can you afford to just sit back and do nothing? 

Remember, results are a culmination of events. Intent merely provides opportunities and stepping stones. Consequently, you have to do all the connected actions like preparing for interviews, sending out the resumes, etc. for your intention to manifest. You have to do your bit towards achieving your goal, and leave the result to the Universe!


Keep Your Intentions Personal


Remember everyone has their destiny to follow. You cannot control someone else’s journey. Therefore, do not set intentions for others! You can guide them to do it, but should not interfere thereafter.


Hold Your Trust on the Universe 


Do not look for quick-fix solutions or magical manifestations immediately after setting your intention. Some intentions can manifest swiftly, while others may take time. 

It is important to allow and trust the universe to deliver what is for your greatest good!


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