Happy Birthday, my SonThe intensity of bond between a father and a son is unique; something best understood by the parents. Children generally realize this priceless relationship only in their hindsight. Most kids see parental bonding as boring and sometimes even embarrassing. But ts been very different with my sons – both are gems and have added immense value to this beautiful journey of life; for which I am ever so grateful to God.

These lines are on the occasion of my son’s birthday –


From the very first day,
When I held you In my palm.

You wielded on me,
Your love and irresistible charm.

Ever since the day,
I clutched you in my lap.

You snared me and mom,
In your loving trap.

I recall the day,
When you addressed me as pops.

Happiness knew no bounds,
My loving son, there are no stops.

I  may not show it,
But in my own way, I do care.

And wherever you are,
My love will always be there.

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