​DifferenceS BETWEEN  Healing Crystals and Gemstones


Crystals have been used extensively by energy healers all over the world since ancient times.   Many a Reiki practitioners use crystals for Reiki healing and for balancing the energy to speed up the healing process.

Crystal grids are a very important part of Reiki healing techniques and can bring about many positive results.  At the same time, there is a lot of confusion regarding the differences between the crystals as well as  gemstones since both of them are traditionally used for healing, in addition to others purposes.

For a student of Reiki and its practitioners, it is very important to know the subtle differences between the two as they form the basis of healing procedure. 

Key Difference:

Crystals are the naturally occurring pure substances whose lattice structures, i.e. atoms and molecules are stacked in an orderly pattern in the three dimensions. They can also be cultured, but when we talk of healing crystals, it is always the naturally occurring forms that we refer to.

Gemstones, on the other hand, are rare chunks of minerals found in the ground, and when they are cut and polished they take attractive colors and shapes. They are then used as decorative pieces in jewelry and other items. They are high priced, rare minerals that look beautiful when cut and polished and and are often used as lucky gemstones based on sun-signs.

A gem may be a crystal, but all crystals cannot be used as gemstones.

The simplest examples of crystals are the snow, sugar and salt.  You would also have heard of quartz crystal. They are neither rare nor very costly. Gemstones, on the other hand are rare as well as costly.
Crystals are used in healing, precision instruments, etc and sometimes even as decoration pieces like chandeliers, vases, jewelry, etc. Gemstones are used primarily in jewelry as well as decoration pieces. They are also used as birth stones but seldom for healing.


Gemstones – Depending upon their translucency, color and hardness Gemstones are classified as semi-precious or precious stones. Diamonds, ruby, emerald and sapphire, etc are precious stones, while the others are semi-precious stones.
They may be mineral based (e.g. diamonds or rubies) or with an organic bases e.g. Amber. The price of gemstone depends upon its color, composition, rarity, hardness and cut.

Crystals – In the case of Crystals the very nature of symmetry necessitates that the cells stack on perfectly with no gaps between them. Crystals are classified by shapes, such as Hexagonal, orthorhombic, cubic, rhombohedral, tetragonal, monoclinic etc. They are generally translucent and light in color. Crystals are less expensive as compared to the gemstones.

Certain ‘crystalline’ minerals like sapphires, Rubies etc. are often termed as gemstones because they are beautiful, rare as well as durable. Gemstones of organic origin like Amber, Coral, Turquoise, Pearl, etc – are not crystals at all.

Your Takeaway – In healing, when we say we mean “clear quartz”. It forms the “heart” of the crystal grid. We may use other crystals as well as gemstones as part of the grid or independently on chakras for balancing, but when it comes to grid, be sure to use a is “pure and clear” master crystal after energizing it.

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