A grid is a special design or grouping of stones.

In Reiki healings, these stones (crystals) are charged and arranged in a particular design for specific situations and purposes. When empowered with a sacred intention, each stone amplifies the energy of other stones and together they can lead to the achievement of intent in a very short time.

How does this Happen?

Crystals are characterized by a unique vibration or energy. Remember how a quartz crystal runs the modern day clocks? A quartz crystal creates a  frequency that oscillates very precisely when a mild current is passed, which makes the quartz clocks more accurate than any mechanical clocks. Similarly, all the crystals in the grids have their own vibrational frequencies that have an effect on the surroundings. By using a grid and energizing it, a Reiki practitioner amplifies these individual frequencies to magnify and resonate to form a vortex of energy which helps in achieving the desired effect.
In the hands of a Reiki practitioner, this can lead to dramatic effects.

Essentials of a Basic Quartz Grid

  • Establishing a sacred and positive intent
  • Selection of appropriate crystals for your intent
  • Selection of correct type of master crystal
  • Cleansing and charging of the crystals
  • Drawing and connecting the grid lines
  • Maintenance and linking of the Grid
  • Empowering the grid with the Prayer of Intention
  • Dismantling of grid after the purpose has been achieved

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Blessings and love ….

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