Develop your Intuition Positively

Developing the Psychic Abilities


Intuition is knowledge. It is the communication method of the Spirit.

Intuition is also “knowing” something beyond the realms of reason or any prior experience. Simplistically, it is direct knowledge from the very innermost depth of your being. In reality, the Spiritual region of our mind is also its intuitive region. Intuition is actually a higher faculty than intellect or reason.

With intellect, we have to gather information from studies or personal experience and put all that knowledge together and draw conclusions.

With intuition, you somehow simply know! ….. Intuition is “a feeling that we cannot explain on the basis of simply our knowledge.” Intuition is a feeling that distinguishes the communication with our Spirit in contrast to our acquired knowledge and impressions.

Our emotions arise from our relationship with our Source (the Spirit) hence we often refer to emotions as our “Emotional Guidance System”.

These emotions are a measure of the degree of our alignment with the Source. Therefore positive emotions and feelings are in harmony with the spirit which in turn guides with positive intuition. Which is why we often say – think positively. That is the core of our spirit.

Although there can never be a complete misalignment with Source, the thoughts that we choose to give our attention give rise to a substantial alignment or misalignment with the spirit.

Therefore, with practice, we must learn to take these subtle signs or hints that the spirit often throws up in our way. These are not just random thoughts, but your dialogue with who you are – the spirit. When we are in harmony our Source, we thrive, and to the extent that we do not accept this alignment, we miss out on an enlightened path.

As aptly brought out by Esther and Jerry Hicks in their book Ask and It Is Given –  “You are empowered Beings; you are utterly free to create, and when you know that, and are focused upon things that are in vibrational harmony with that, you feel absolute joy. But when you think thoughts that are contrary to that truth, you feel the opposite emotions of disempowerment and bondage. And all emotions fall somewhere within the range, from joy to disempowerment.” 


All human beings have communication with their Inner being. This is in the form of emotions, therefore whenever our emotions are positive; we can feel the harmony with our inner intentions.

Therefore it is important to develop your intuition positively and be guided by it.


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