Divinely Guided Attunement

Thank you so much Dr. Prakash,
I must say that God has a wonderful way of guiding me to the right person and experiences I need in my life and this must have been the one God intended for me. Today is a great day and experience for me with the Midas Star attunement. During my attunement I could feel the incredible power flow from your hands. I could feel myself open and receiving the energy, with my eyes closed I seen the room filled with golden light. My attunement was at 9:18am and I still feel the energy flowing from my hands. I am grateful for being divinely guided to you Dr. Prakash for this attunement. It will enable me to be of greater service to help all that has a desire to be helped or just want to learn of enlightenment. I look forward to another session with you on my pathway to spiritual enlightenment.

With love and light,