Communicating With Spiritual Guides

 Most of us are believers. We do believe in a higher source or a creator. We somehow instinctively, or by upbringing, worship that higher being.

But how many of us have known the existence of what we call as our Guardian Angels?

Not many, I suppose.

But yes, they would be quite a few among us who would have felt the presence of the higher power that protects us and guides us through our lives.  It is something that is not very easy to explain. Many of us, who do experience it, do not mention it because of the fear of being ridiculed.

I have been one of those fortunate enough to have, not only experienced the miracles personally but also have noticed it happening to others around me.  I have experienced the power of these guardian angels not once but a many at times and quite often they have guided me through this miraculous journey of life in a more balanced form.

As I practice Reiki, I communicate with them regularly. I feel their presence often as they visit me almost all the time! They help me in following a spiritual path and also help in shaping events around me in a way that is more in alignment with my soul.

Getting in touch with the higher self and the guardian angels is a matter of practice as well as belief.  Anyone can do it, although some of us are naturally predisposed to such a phenomenon.

Many of my Reiki students often ask me how to keep in touch with these guides.  Frankly, it is very simple and all you have to do is to communicate with the full faith and be ready to accept with an open mind.

Here are some hints for those who are interested in opening up the doors of their mind and being in communication with the spiritual guides especially during the practice of Reiki –

1. Start to believe in them – In order to communicate with the spiritual guides, you first believe in them. They get in touch with us and communicate in many ways. Try listening to your instinct, body, spirit, and mind.

2. Meditate – This will give you an increased spiritual awareness and take you to an elevated state of consciousness and strengthen your intuition; which is the gateway to the spirit guides.

3. Spend time outdoors – Being out in nature, brings you closest to the forces of creation. It is the best way to bring yourself to a rhythm that is more in harmony with the universe. Building relationships with our guides is easier when we are grounded and in a natural relationship with the earth.

4. Invoke the spiritual guides – Ask them to reveal themselves. This can be in dreams, meditation, numbers, messages or events.

5. Tap into your intuitive self – We all are intuitive to an extent. With training, this can be the right tool to give you a real live session with your spiritual guides. Reiki can help achieve this quickly and very effectively.

Following these techniques helps in coming one step closer to contacting our spiritual guides. For more about this training (14-day course) please contact me HERE.

God Bless.

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