Can Reiki Heal OCD and other Mental Disorders?

can Reiki heal OCD and other mental disorders?

I have been asked a number of times can Reiki heal OCD and other mental disorders? And my answer to this is – Reiki has the potential to cure any disease.

OCD is a behavioral condition that occurs for many reasons, like genetic predisposition, anxiety, fear, and lack of adequate love and kindness. This absence of love and compassion leads to a loss of trust and a reluctance to forgive.

It comes in a variety of forms and is a long-term condition. As a result, healing takes time.
It is necessary to identify the particular problem to treat it. However, don’t expect miracles right away. Miracles start happening when you continue doing it with love, trust, and patience regularly. Please keep in mind that your karma (thoughts, words, and deeds) plays a significant role in all types of healing.

How Can Reiki Heal OCD and other Mental Disorders?

Reiki is a universal treatment for all problems, including relationships, health, finances, psychological, sexual, social, and spiritual well-being. Nothing is beyond its ability to heal. But there’s a catch: we have to trust in our capability and the presence of the divine Reiki energy for it to function. We must believe in and trust Reiki when we use it to assist us.

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  • Once you make up your mind to receive Reiki, you will be able to access its infinite curative powers. It is a soothing life potion that doesn’t harm you. It brings about miraculous changes as long as your intent is clear.
  • When you practice Reiki regularly and focus on a specific objective, you begin to value the shifts you are experiencing.
  • Reiki is effective in all areas and situations of life for your greatest good.
  • When you reach out to a healer, inform them about your problem, including the date it began, the circumstances in which it began, medication history, and so on, and they will guide you through the sessions.

Some Other Things for You to Bear in Mind

While contemplating or in a dilemma can Reiki heal OCD and other mental disorders remember that the most potent tool you have to treat yourself is your mind. Therefore, when you maintain your faith in Reiki, it works wonders for you. Long-term psychological problems require perseverance and more than 2–3 days to resolve.
The only catch is that you must be willing to try to get yourself out of it.
Some people expect Reiki to provide 100% results without their having to do anything to achieve their goals. Please remember that Reiki will assist you in standing up, removing barriers from your path, and motivating you to go, but you must take the first step forward.
Also, remember that Reiki is not a replacement for medical treatment. If you are getting treatment and taking medications, you should only reduce the amount or stop taking them with your doctor’s permission.

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