Abundance Symbol in Shambhala Reiki.

Abundance Symbol in Shambhala Reiki is passed down through a lineage of spiritual teachers. It promotes the feelings of abundance and prosperity in the person receiving the healing.

Abundance Symbol in Shambhala Reiki.

Do you wonder if there is a Reiki symbol for attracting abundance and money, then this is the one . This Abundance Reiki symbol will be covered in the 3rd level of Shamballa Reiki. You can also use the symbols Midas and vasudha from Karuna Reiki.

Its main attribute is to attract the energy of abundance and prosperity on a spiritual , energetic , and physical level . 3 2 x You may use the Abundance symbol in self – treatment to ” embed ” yourself in its vibration .

To use the abundance symbol, you need to be attuned to the symbol by a Shambhala Reiki master. Once attuned, you can use the symbol in your healing sessions. You have to visualizing it in your mind, focusing your energy on it.

How to use the Abundance Symbol in Shambhala Reiki

One way to use the symbol is to place your non-dominant hand over the area of the body. Then visualize and in your mind.

As you focus on the symbol, imagine a flow of energy coming from your hand and entering the body, bringing with it a sense of abundance and prosperity.

Another way to use the abundance symbol is – trace the symbol over a crystal or other object visualize it o the object and infuse with its energy. You can also it as a talisman or place it in the room where you want to bring prosperity, finance or any other aspect of abundance.

What you should keep in mind

It is important to remember that healing is a process and the results may vary from person to person. It is also important to remember that healing i never considered as a substitute for medical treatment.

As always, be mindful of your intentions and always ask for the highest good for all involved during the healing session and everyday life.

If you are already a reiki practitioner but have not been attuned to abundance or any of the symbols in Usui, Shambhala, Angel or Karuna Reiki feel free to contact Reiki master Dr Prakash for a free online session.

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