How Reiki Can Assist in Overcoming Heartbreak

Among the reasons most people contact me is for guidance on how reiki can assist in overcoming heartbreak and healing from a break-up in their relationships.
This is one of life’s most painful moments, and Reiki—in person or remotely—can give a relaxing and soothing kind of energy therapy.

How Reiki Can Assist in Overcoming Heartbreak
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How Reiki Can Assist in Overcoming Heartbreak

The following are some of the unique benefits Reiki can bring following a breakup:

Dealing with negative emotions like despair and grief.

Reiki releases heavy energy, such as the heartbreaking anguish and despair associated with a breakup. Reiki practitioners direct positive healing to remove trapped heartbreak and grief from the body. For example, some clients state, “This anguish is lingering in my body.” Or, “I can’t breathe as I feel constricted.”
Many people experience tightness and stress across their entire body.
Reiki helps with stress, sadness, loss, and pain by treating both the physical body and the different layers of the energy body.

Breaking Emotional Bonds

When we’re in a relationship, whether it is with relatives, friends, or partners, our energies become entwined with theirs. I frequently refer to the energetic body, also known as the aura, as “personal space.”
Our energy merges with theirs, and this connection leads to the formation of “cords” or “energetic links” between us. Consider the time we invest in a romantic relationship. It’s only natural that cutting that energetic relationship is among the most painful aspects of a breakup. The associations that bind us to our relationships take time to dissipate. This is one of the main reasons many people seek solitude after a breakup. It helps us get over the relationship or get it back on track.
It helps get the other person’s energy out of your system by cutting emotional ties and speeds up the process of healing.Emotional and mental relaxation. An infusion of lightness that follows a session or Reiki cleans up the feeling of heaviness, sadness, and grief.

Clients start feeling lighter and calmer during and after a Reiki session, which taps into the life force energy full of unconditional love.
Since Reiki treatments make you feel physically relaxed, they offer an opportunity to break away from obsessive thoughts involving the breakup, like remembering the good times or criticizing yourself for what went wrong or what you could have done better.
This quiet space gives clients a nice break from painful thoughts and helps them understand the separation better, which can help them learn from the experience and get better.

Bringing your chakras back into balance.

One of the ways how reiki can assist in overcoming heartbreak is by working on your Chakras. You can regain homeostasis by balancing all seven chakras, or “energy wheels/vortexes,” in your body. Most people’s chakra systems are in desperate need of balance after a breakup, as the concerns that correspond to each chakra are frequently profoundly intertwined in our relationships.

Here are the main points to elaborate on:

Crown: For connecting to our higher self and our soul’s mission. After a break-up, we often develop a distrust of our intuition.
The third eye: It is the link between our vision and our intuition. After a breakup, we often mistrust our intuition and ability to “see things clearly.”
Throat: One of the major issues in relationships is communication, or rather the lack of it!
Heart: Our hearts are incredibly tender after a breakup and are the connection to sharing and exchanging love.
Solar plexus: Your personal power is reflected by this chakra. When a relationship ends, this power is shaken, and we feel helpless and/or rejected.
Sacral: As the seat of your relationships and passion, it is important to heal the sacral chakra after a breakup.
Root: The Root Chakra links to our feelings of security, trust, and belonging taken away from us in a break-up.

Continue to learn, grow, and progress.

Many clients have epiphanies or moments of intense, healing understanding after receiving Reiki. Reiki gets rid of negative emotions by removing energetic blocks from the body. You start thinking clearly and learning more from relationships and breakups if that’s what we’re supposed to do. Reiki brings out one of the most crucial aspects of healing: forgiveness because it instills serenity and peace in the client.

Finding new love

So many of my clients have contacted me months later to inform me about their new love. After we recover from the wounds of separation, we automatically start attracting new, healthier relationships.
Because they’ve let go of their baggage and digested their lessons, they’re sure to attract new healthy relationships into their life.

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