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Marie Padilla

Thank you Dr Prakash for your kindness and generosity in sharing your time and energy with me for the Midas attunement. Its been quite a long time since I’ve had such an experience. It was a sacred and powerful experience. I felt the strongest energy on my hands which I… Read more “Marie Padilla”


A wonderful warm experience of spirit and connection during my Midas star attunement with Dr Prakash , I need not have felt nervous of going on video call as I usually do , as he put me at ease straight away and instructions were clear and easy to follow. Thankyou… Read more “Bridgette”


The Midas Star attunement was wonderful and made me cry. Spirit guides came as well and sat next to me. It was such a sacred experience and the feeling is resonating within in me. Thank you so much, Dr. Prakash.


The Midas Star attunement was beautiful. There were also three of my other spirit guides present and it was a lovely feeling to just be hugged by grace. I still feel the effects of the session and am very grateful to Dr. Prakash

Pang Hong Seng

I felt so calm during and after the Midas star attunement. Thank you Dr Prakash for being so kind to me.

Kirandeep Uppal

It was it was amazing experience of divine power attunment. I never felt reiki power before. Thank you Dr.Parkash for your kindness

Ana Dugniene

When I got to sit down and closed my eyes I was feeling my heart is going faster and faster, like bird wanted to fly. I could see blue wind around me. It was wonderful! I was feeling comfort and relax. Then I became tearful. I could feel how You… Read more “Ana Dugniene”

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