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Tzagkaraki Ekaterini

The coordination or attunement (?) which I received from Dr was very good , powerful!! Clean, pure, nice energy!! I wanted to stay there for a very long time! A sense of security,protection and care!! Many Blessings in your life, according to plan, so be it !! I thank you… Read more “Tzagkaraki Ekaterini”


I received the attunement and I felt a beautiful breeze of energy surrounding me. I trust I am now attuned to the prosperity symbol Midas very well


The attunement was really amazing. I felt extreme peace and calmness. Post the attunement, I had this smile attached to me and just cannot take it off. Thanks for this wonderful service sir.

Rachna Gagneja

Thankyou Sir for your sharing your experiences and guidance to improve my reiki skills. Thankyou for making attunment ceremony so beutiful. May you be blssed with manifold of divine energy that you are spredibg over to humanity. Feel proud being ur student. Deep gratitude to the beautiful soul residing within.

Mousumi Bag

Thanks Dr. Prakash for attuning me with the Midas Star. I clearly felt it and am grateful to you .

Hariom Dubey

It was a great experience taking Attunement of divine symbol MIDAS from Dr. Prakash I could feel all his hand position and energy vibrations during Attunement my whole body was vibrating during Attunement. I could feel energy showering on my body. I really si great full to Dr.sahab. May God… Read more “Hariom Dubey”

Pintilie Lucian – Adrian

Dear dr Prakash , thank you very much for the attunement . It was a great experience , as I expected . I felt the energy present from the beginning , having upon me the effect of calming and healing . After you sent me the Midas symbol , I… Read more “Pintilie Lucian – Adrian”


Thank you Dr. Prakash. My Midas Star attunement was a very peaceful experience. The feeling of peace remained for a couple of days. I’m feeling and seeing a strong connection to the energy of the Midas Star during my daily Reiki practice.

Minu Shaji

Thank you Dr. Prakash for attuning me for midas star & guiding me all the way right from the start to the end procedure of midas star attunement. Feel blessed to have received this symbol from u Sir from the bottom of my heart. God bless u & ur family.… Read more “Minu Shaji”

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