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A blessing and honor to receive the Midas attunement by Grandmaster Dr. Prakash

I am truly blessed and so grateful to have experienced receiving a session by Grandmaster Dr. Prakash. His instruction and guidance for receiving the Midas attunement was super clear and using video chat worked really well for the session. The reiki energy was phenomenal as if Dr. Prakash was in the same room doing the session. He is very genuine and honestly so amazing! The Midas attunement is transforming and so healing. I felt a shift immediately during the attunement process and experienced feelings of unconditional love, support and re -energized. Very very powerful. Thank you so much Grandmaster Dr. Prakash! You are a bright light, great teacher and great example of the Reiki ideals and principles. Many blessings to you and your family. God Bless!