Stop Having Blind Faith In Astrologers

Why should you Stop Having Blind Faith In Astrologers

Stop Having Blind Faith In Astrologers
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There was a man who went to consult more than 30 astrologers in a period of 3 years seeking advice for the same reason. They all had different solutions to that same problem. The only thing in common with these astrologers was their demand for money for rituals to overcome some self proclaimed obstacles. The beauty was that even these obstacles were abstract and different from each other.

All of them demanded money so that they could do something to pacify the planets and take away the problems! Can anyone make the motion, direction and placement of celestial objects change?

At the end, he learnt that blind belief in such things was just like being foolish.

We must stop having blind faith in astrologers and their predictions and waste our time and energy.

Never ever go to an astrologer. 

Remember, if you go once, it won’t let you be free mentally and financially. They would tell you something, not with their God-given gift, but with what they see on a computer or in their book. They would say predefined sentences after assessing what you want to hear. Eg. if you go for matching the horoscope for marriage, they will tell you some or the other problem that will place a doubt in your mind (sometimes for life). It will make you anxious, fearful of consequences and you will be ready to part with any amount they ask to align everything in your favour! Who doesn’t want a good marriage or profit in business? So you get ready to pay. That is the game they play.

You cannot alter your life’s experiences by relating them to the present world Poojas/ Remedies/ Prasad/ Donation to the temple and other such things.

How sad it is to see how they encash on human sentiments.

Now analyze the following:

Many astrologers selected the best “Muhurtha” (ideal time) for many marriages in MAY 2020. They also predicted the best time down to minutes. Marriages were fixed all over India.. and not a single person predicted problems in these marriages. Yet COVID-19 happened.

Marriages get delayed and canceled too.

Sadly, none of the astrologers on this planet could predict this to warn humanity. They were all busy minting money from people.

Once we struggled with COVID-19, many astrologers surfaced and predicted when it would end (if at all), and no one was correct. 

Remember, most Hindu marriages take place after advice from astrologers. Similarly, many business ventures are started after consultation with astrologers. The chances of them failing are 50-50. It’s simple math, nothing to do with their predictions. Has any astrologer been sued for wrong predictions or cheating? Since they are not accountable they get away with swindling the gullible. So stop having blind faith in astrologers.

All these people predict something, and if it comes true, they claim proudly that their predictions were correct. But they just go underground when they do not materialize. For astrologers, it is easy to fool people by scaring them with the consequences of not availing any of their “paid” services! 

It is almost like blackmail.

Very few astrologers are genuine and work without material gain. There are more chances that you will get hoodwinked, hence, it is foolish that after studying and working hard, to get influenced by astrologers.

If you really want to pacify your stars, donate your money to a noble cause; help the poor; feed the hungry. Have faith in the Creator. He never meant for life to be a punishment. When you throw a tennis ball at the wall, what comes back is a tennis ball only, not a basketball! 

Do good, and you will always get good in return.

If you believe in astrology, it means you don’t believe in yourself as well as the creator. The moment you don’t believe in yourself, you become an easy prey for astrologers, Tarot card readers, crystal ball clairvoyance, and other sundry futurists. You will get played by their baseless predictions. You spend money just for your ego’s satisfaction, thereby wasting valuable time. 

Stop having blind faith in astrologers.

Experience everything that life brings to you. Don’t evaluate something as good or bad. Only thing is don’t hurt others in any manner. Rest are all experiences, meant to be experienced by only you without guessing and knowing them in advance. Let every experience be a surprise for you. That’s what life is. That’s the reason you are on Earth. 

If you really want to appreciate your life for living completely rather than trusting someone’s prediction blindly, stop having blind faith in astrologers. will regret the decisions you took based on someone’s predictions. Just imagine your entire life with fear and foolish belief. 

You won’t get a chance to lead your life again. Be the master of your life. Be the leader of your choices without regrets. Don’t seek perfection, seek happiness in all. There are so many things to see in this life. Don’t miss them. 

Just believe in nature, it takes care of you and observes you every minute. You get what you deserve, learn to appreciate what you get.

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