Sex and Spirituality: An odd cocktail?

Sex and Spirituality

Do Sex and Spirituality go together?

This is a topic that does come up in mind sometimes.

Yesterday during attunements, one of my students brought up the topic of his inhibition about losing his sex drive after he took to the path of spirituality.
It scared him, he said, because he was just  31.

I asked him how he had even thought of such a thing, and he brought up THIS  topic he had read online.

Such notions are rampant and those who are enlightened should pay no heed to it.

“Reiki is a pure energy that does no harm. So how could anyone even think this way?” asked his colleague, who had accompanied him for the initiation.

These problems, however, CAN arise in their normal course due to hormonal imbalances, psychological impact (of such news), weakness due to any other latent sickness, inhibitions, etc. These issues are totally unconnected but since they coincide with Reiki practice, sometimes they may create a doubt in the mind.

It is best to disregard such feelings.

To the contrary, Reiki can actually make changes of another kind. That is, awakening the dormant libido. For this, it is best to focus on Reiki treatment on the Root Chakra and the Third Eye Chakra.

Having full faith in the Reiki healer can bring about miraculous changes in such situations.

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