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What is Reiki and How Does It Work
Top Rated Courses
  1. Improve your Health, Career and Relationships.
  2. Attract Abundance and  Manifest your Dreams.
  3. Learn to Heal Self and Others using Reiki.
  4. Make a Lasting Change in Life.
  5. Experience the touch of divine as you learn with comprehensive Training.

Events Schedule: 2024

Venue: Magarpatta City, Pune

Timings 9.30 A.M to 2.00 PM IST


LEVEL 1 –      Every 1st, 2nd and 4th Saturday

LEVEL 2/3 –  Every 1st, 2nd and 4th Sunday


LEVEL 1 –      Every 3rd Saturday 

 LEVEL 2 –     Every 3rd Sunday  

GROUPS BOOKINGS (minimum 2 participants)** – ANY DAY 

**For larger groups – at your location of your choice


(Usui Reiki, Karuna Reiki, Angel Reiki, Crystal Healing)


Learn From The Best

Dr Prakash Ramchandani

Do Not Compromise when you start your journey in spirituality and energy healing!

Level 1 is the most important and significant step in learning Reiki . 

Start your training with Dr. Prakash, a renowned Reiki Grand Master and Healer with over two decades of Experience.


understanding REiki

Understand your Life’s Purpose.

Make a lasting change.

Harmonise your life and achieve all your life’s dreams.

Take control of your life/s dreams, desires, problems with relationships, career, health, wealth and much more.

About Reiki 1st level Course

This is the basic course for those new to Reiki. It lays the foundation for your further progress in the field of divine knowledge, healing and spirituality. Therefore, it is very important to do it with someone who is experienced and practicing it for greater good of humanity.

The training involves 5 to 6 hours of theory, discussions, attunements and practical healing sessions.

At the end of this course you will be able to conduct your own Reiki sessions as well as those near and dear ones among the family and friends.

After Level 1, you need to practice for a minimum of 21 days if you wish to progress to the next Level 2. 



  • Most Comprehensive Hands-0n Training.
  • Learn about the History and development of Usui Reiki.
  • Learn about Chakras, Auras and energy bodies.
  • Do a 20 min Chakra Visualisation Session with the Master.
  • Cleansing & grounding rituals.
  • Perform complete Reiki sessions on Self and Others.
  • Exploring yours & others’ energy fields.
  • Improve your Health, Career and Relationships.
  • Attract Abundance and Manifest your Dreams.
  • Experience the touch of divine during Attunement.
  • Conduct your own Reiki sessions as well as those near and dear ones among the family and friends.

Fully Personalised Training

Attunement & Diploma Certification

Full Session with Reiki Master (40 minutes)

Handbook of Reiki (Complete Notes)

Life long Support and guidance

Consultation and Registration is FREE – You Pay for the course only AFTER the session 

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